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After an investigation by Al-Jazeera, 3 far-right activists have been convicted in France

Yesterday, Tuesday, a French court convicted 3 far-right activists of a misdemeanor involving incitement to terrorism, assault and incitement to racial hatred, and was based on evidence gathered during a secret investigation carried out by the Al-Jazeera investigation unit.

The judge said, “Video clips from the Al-Jazeera documentary, which was broadcast in two parts under the title: Generation of Hate, played an important role in the conviction of the three men of the charges against them.”

The first of them is Remy Valais (33 years old), a former member of the Flanders branch of the extreme right-wing “Generation Identity” group. He was convicted of incitement to terrorism and assault by the Supreme Court in Lille, northern France, and was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment with a suspended sentence of 18 Months.

Falez was secretly photographed by an undercover reporter for the island, who managed to infiltrate the Lille branch of the Identity Generation Group, which is based in the “Citadel” bar.

Falez was captured on camera while talking inside the pub about his wish before death to drive a car and storm Wazim Market in Lille, which is a market that is heavily covered by Arabs and Muslims.

“On the day I discover that I am suffering from an incurable disease, my friend, I will bring a weapon and commit a massacre,” he says in the documentary.

“A mosque or anything that was even a car and a crash, I’ll take my car and then Bam! And so it will be! … Compared to that, Charlie Hebron will look like nothing.”

And he continues, “I will leave my identity card … just as the jihadists do … Then Bam! Damn all of your mothers … as quickly as possible. And if I manage to survive the first massacre, I will do it again, I swear to you.”

Falez is also shown in the documentary wearing hardened plastic gloves and beating a 13-year-old girl four times on the head outside the bar in the main nightlife district of Lille.

The attack came after a group of teenagers approached Falez and his friends and asked for a cigarette.

The second defendant is Etienne “Le Roux” Vanhaulin, another extreme right-wing activist, who was filmed pushing a teenager.

The third activist is Guillaume Dumont Saint-Priest, a janitor at the entrance to the bar, sprinkled teens with black pepper powder.

And the girl pleaded with Valise, saying, “I swear to you in Makkah … Do not hit me,” and he replied, saying, “Makkah? After the attack, Valise spoke about the attack, saying, “A girl or not a girl, I don’t care at all, they are just Arabs.”

Saint-Priest, 32, who came from Saumur in western France, was found guilty of assault, using – or threatening to use – a weapon in the city of Lille. He was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment, suspended.

As for Vanhaulin, 24, from Douai, near Lille, he was convicted of inciting racial hatred or religious hatred in a public place and assault, and was sentenced to 5 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months.

Shortly before the attack, Vanhaulin was filmed saluting the Nazi Party in a bar in the presence of other far-right activists.

French right-wing activist Gulyum Saint-Priest outside the court (Al-Jazeera)

After the trial, Nicholas Neff Nave, a lawyer with the anti-racism organization SOS Racisme, said he was pleased with the verdicts.

“They have acknowledged that the racism and ideology of the extreme right is behind these actions,” he said.

He added, “The decision sends a clear message to Muslims in France, and around the world, but especially in France, that today we will not accept the normalization of discriminatory acts committed because of human religion, especially towards Muslims.”

Links with the National Front

The “Identity Generation” group was founded in France 8 years ago, and has branches in Italy, Austria and Germany. It is active in defending the “identity and culture of white Europeans” against what it calls “the great replacement” by immigrants and Islamism.

In its investigation, the Al-Jazeera Investigations Unit revealed evidence proving the existence of links between activists of the Identity Generation and senior officials in the National Front party headed by Marine Le Pen, the most prominent political party of the extreme right-wing movement in France, which later changed its name to become the “National Rally.”

In the documentary, two members of the European Parliament, Christelle Leshafellier and Sylvie Godin, are seen visiting the “Citadel” bar and expressing their support for the identity generation.

After the documentary aired, the mayor of Lille Martin Aubry called for the castle pub to be closed, but it is still open.

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