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After announcing his departure from the hospital, this is how the Americans reacted to Trump’s decision

The news of US President Donald Trump’s early exit from the “Walter Reed” military hospital – which he entered last Friday evening, Washington, DC time – was a surprise that many experts and commentators had not expected.

And pushed President Trump’s 74-year-old age, in addition to his weight gain, to classify him as one of the most dangerous in terms of his potential health deterioration due to infection with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

Trump tweeted to announce to the world that he had been discharged from the hospital, which is only 10 kilometers from the White House, in which the medical team saw the possibility of receiving treatment there, as it is equipped with advanced medical capabilities.

Trump said, “I will leave the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 pm, I feel really good, don’t be afraid of the Corona virus, don’t let it control your life, we have developed some medicine and good knowledge of the virus under the supervision of my administration, I feel better than I used to feel.” Done 20 years ago. “

Medical public opinion confusion

On the other hand, Americans continued to be divided in their evaluation of Trump’s departure from the hospital to greet his supporters last Sunday evening, in a move that many of them considered disdainful of the president, especially towards his guard and driver, who were with him while greeting his supporters outside the hospital.

On the other hand, supporters and supporters of Trump saw the move as heroic and an expression of his strength less than a month before the presidential elections.

CNN medical analyst Dr. Sanjay Gupta criticized the lack of professional medical correspondents among the reporters at the Trump treatment team press conference so that they could ask meaningful questions.

Regarding Trump’s early discharge from the hospital, Gupta tweeted, “If the president is discharged today from the hospital, this means that he no longer needs oxygen, and that the fever (high temperature over the course of a whole day) has disappeared, and this means that all of his organs are working efficiently.”

For his part, Dr. Khaled Al-Shami – an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – confirmed in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net that “the remdesivir drug that Trump received had positive and influential results in advanced clinical trials on Covid-19 patients.”

Trump received doses of remdesivir during the past days, and Dr. Al-Shami believes that it seems that the drug’s effect was very positive on Trump, confirming in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net that “the president was moving easily and speaking in a strong voice, and he did not cut his sentences in the videos he broadcast to capture himself.”

Al-Shami said that the president’s age does not necessarily mean that the burden of the disease will be severe for him, adding, “We dealt with those who are older than Trump in age, and some of them did not feel any symptoms or complications.”

For her part, Dr. Dalia Shaheen, who works in a hospital in Arlington, northern Virginia, adjacent to Washington, said, “During the past months, the American medical system developed a protocol for dealing with Corona virus infections, which led to an increase in the recovery rates and reduced death rates among the injured.”

In her interview with Al-Jazeera Net, Dr. Dalia considered that “the most dangerous stage in this advanced age occurs after the first week of injury, but it is certain that Trump is receiving full care and examinations around the clock, and she will not leave anything to chance.”

Commenting on Trump’s “adventure” to get out of the hospital to greet his supporters, Dr. Al-Shami confirmed that “everyone found with the president inside the car wore a medical mask of the type” N95 (N95) medical and gloves, and the car was sterilized before using it, and hence there is no possibility of transmitting infection. From President Trump. “

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