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After defeating the American Ghaithi, Nur Mammadov announces his retirement

Dagestan fighter Habib Nurmuhamedov, lightweight champion in mixed martial arts (UFC), announced his surprising retirement after defeating American Justin Ghaithi on Saturday.

After the match ended, Nur Mammadov shocked the journalists accompanying the “UFC 254” tournament in Abu Dhabi by retiring live in front of the cameras.

Nurmuhamedov eliminated his opponent, Gethi, and lost consciousness after being strangled in the second round to keep his title as lightweight champion.

The 32-year-old champion from Dagestan, who never lost, collapsed in the center of the ring and cried after beating Geithi. When he got up, he took off his gloves and said, “This is my last battle in (UFC).”

American Gethi annoyed Habib with kicks in the leg, but gave up when he choked him in the second round, to cement Nurmuhamedov as the most dominant fighter ever with a record of 29 wins without defeat.

Nur Mammadov, 32, was quick to thank the team and insisted that he would not return to the fights again without his father, Abd al-Munaf Nur Mammadov, who died after complications due to his infection with the Coronavirus.

It is noteworthy that Abdel-Manaf was transferred to a hospital in the Russian capital, Moscow, after he had severe symptoms due to infection with Corona, and it seems that Habib was greatly affected by the departure of his father.

And he promised his mother – to whom his mother spoke for three days before he decided to accept a confrontation with Gaith – that his next match would be his last.

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