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After freezing the endowment-sharing agreement, Al-Kazemi pulls the fuse of sedition in Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi decided to wait to implement the agreement recently concluded between the Sunni and Shiite Endowments for the Sharing of Religious Endowments in the country, and this came as a result of meetings between the delegation of the Iraqi Fiqh Academy and both Al-Kazemi and Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi.

Scholars and officials of legal institutions and religious actors had initially discussed the agreement with al-Halbousi, and after that, al-Halbousi prepared a meeting with a delegation of Sunni scholars, the prime minister, on Saturday afternoon, in the presence of al-Halbousi.

Al-Kazemi listened to the observations of scholars and Sharia institutions and their reservations on the agreement, as they expressed their rejection of it because of the legal and legal violations it contained, and Al-Kazemi promised to wait on this agreement and not sign it, considering that the opinion on the alternative to it will be for the Sunni and Shiite religious authorities.

After the meeting, the delegation of scholars, headed by Sheikh Saleh Khalil Hammoudi, appreciated the patriotic spirit of Kazemi and his fair stances aimed at achieving justice.

The recent agreement between the two offices of the Shiite and Sunni endowment stipulates the division of endowments from mosques and shrines. It met with great objection from the Sunni street and religious scholars, whose enemy is a great iniquity that will be attached to the Sunnis, including the transfer of a number of mosques and historical shrines to the Shiite endowment after they were for hundreds of years affiliated For the year.

On Friday, Al-Halbousi met the head of the Iraqi Fiqh Academy, Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Al-Taha, at the latter’s headquarters in Al-Adhamiya district in Baghdad, where the agreement was discussed.

During the meeting, Al-Taha demonstrated the seriousness of the terms of the agreement from the legitimate side, its nullity and its repercussions on the national fabric, and he called for seeking to cancel it. For his part, Al-Halbousi pledged to stop this agreement. The meeting was attended by a number of members of the Supreme Committee in the complex and the sheikhs and notables of Adhamiya.

The “Iraqi Fiqh Academy of Senior Scholars for Advocacy and Ifta” is an independent legal reference for Sunnis in Iraq, and it is located in the Abu Hanifa Mosque in the Al-Adhamiya region.

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