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After he directed her to a racist phrase .. Ilhan Omar Addressing Trump: Why are you obsessed with me?

US President Donald Trump’s attack on Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in terms described as racist, during an election conference held by the president in the city of “Moon Township” in Pennsylvania, in northeastern America, sparked widespread reactions, and the MP responded to Trump’s statements by saying, “Why are you obsessed with me?” ? “.

Yesterday, Trump attacked the Muslim member of the House of Representatives, Ilhan Omar, in front of a crowd of his fans and supporters, saying, “She tells us what we do in our country, do you explain to us where she came from? How her country was … We want to preserve our country the way it is going, we are the best country Absolutely on the face of the earth, and we will maintain it according to this approach. We do not need socialists, nor Communists to run our country. “

Representative from Minnesota (north-central) Ilhan Omar, who is of Somali origin, responded to Trump’s remarks, saying, “First of all, this is my country and I am a member of the council that challenged you. Second, I escaped from the civil war when I was eight years old, no eight-year-old child was running Country even though you manage it as one of them, “referring to the civil war in Somalia that occurred in the 1990s.

Ilhan Omar also shared another tweet with a cartoon, commenting on Trump’s election conferences, “These gatherings make me ask one thing: Why are you so obsessed with me?” In reference to Trump.

American political writer Greg Sergeant commented, “Ilhan Omar is a deputy who was chosen in a democratic way by American citizens to represent them, and therefore the true meaning of Trump’s use of our word can be understood.” The American journalist Dean Ubaydallah denounced what the president said was insulting. You are not an American, and you must return to Africa, you will not find anything more racist than this. “

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A few days ago, statements described as racist by President Trump sparked widespread controversy on American communication platforms, in which he mocked Congressman Ilhan Omar, for being a Somali refugee before she became an American citizen.

At an election meeting in Bemids, Minnesota, in the midwestern state of the United States, Trump asked, in a mocking tone, referring to Representative Ilhan, “How did Omar succeed in the elections? How did you succeed?”

Later, in the election rally itself, Trump attacked both Ilhan Omar, of Somali origin, and her colleague in the party and parliament, Rashida Tlaib, who is of Palestinian origin, and accused them of wasting money, saying, “We will prosecute them. Why not? I really do not understand.”

“This refugee will have a good time voting to get you out of the White House. Many have tried to divide Minnesota, but they failed miserably. We are stronger than fear,” the Democrat told Trump.

It is noteworthy that Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib received a large share of the harsh criticism that President Trump directed against his democratic opponents on many occasions, which related to various issues such as immigration, Islam, Palestine and Israel.

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