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After his early return to the White House, Trump chronicles “historic victories” on Twitter

Outgoing US President Donald Trump returned early from his Florida resort to the White House Thursday, continuing his battle with Congress over the defense bill and stimulus packages, and on Twitter, he recounted the “historic victories” of his administration.

And the White House published a congratulatory message for the new year from Trump, in which he praised the achievements of his administration, which included confronting the Corona virus and rebuilding the economy, and Trump said, “You should remember us for what we have accomplished.”

Trump was originally scheduled to attend a New Year’s Eve party at his Florida resort.

The White House did not provide a reason for Trump’s early return to Washington, but it coincides with his battle with Congress for his use of the veto to block the defense policy bill and his demand for an increase in the value of checks paid to stimulate in the face of the consequences of the Corona pandemic, in addition to the escalation of tension with Iran.

After returning to the White House, Trump ignored questions from journalists about Iran, and whether or not he would attend Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

The leader of the majority in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell – who is the largest Republican in the House – delivered a strong blow Wednesday to Trump’s attempts to support aid for those affected by the Corona virus, refusing to set a date for a quick vote on a bill to raise the amount of the subsidy to two thousand dollars instead of 600, as part of a package Aid passed by Congress earlier this month.

McConnell refused again Thursday to vote on a single bill for financial aid for Americans, describing it as “a very bad way to help families who really need aid.”

He said there was nothing controversial about passage of the $ 740 billion defense policy budget that Trump objected to, as it did not remove specific legal protections for big tech companies.

On Monday, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives voted to approve by a majority allowing Trump to override Trump’s “veto”, and it is also possible that the Senate will override the “veto” on Saturday.

If that happens, this will be the first vote by lawmakers to nullify Trump’s “veto” since he took office.

Tension with Republicans

Republicans in Congress were generally attached to Trump during his four years in office, but the president is angry at their failure to fully support him in his allegations of fraud in the presidential elections held on November 3.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley pledged Wednesday to challenge Biden’s victory in the presidential election during the January 6 congressional meeting that formally counted the electoral college votes, indicating a possible long debate in the Republican-controlled Senate, but chances of the outcome being annulled. Almost non-existent.

Some Republican senators have supported the increase in payments, including David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler, who are facing re-election in Georgia next week, which will determine the party that will dominate the Senate under Biden.

Disputes have grown in Congress among Republicans over a bid to nullify Trump’s opposition to the defense policy project.

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