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After insulting Messi … another bomb revealed by Griezmann’s former business manager

About two weeks passed after the shocking and unprecedented attack by former French business director Eric Olhatz, Antoine Griezmann, against his Argentine colleague Lionel Messi, but Olhatz returned with an open letter to justify, explain his position and apologize.

Olhatz had said of Messi, “He gives his opinion on everything. He is an emperor and a king and he did not like much Antoine joining. His attitude was unfortunate and he showed that. It is a system of intimidation .. Either you are with him or you are against him.”

In his letter published by the Spanish newspaper Marca, Olhas said, “I want to be very clear. Griezmann has not told me anything about his relationship with Messi. The statements I made to France Football were based on news published in the media last season. I understand.” My comments were negative and I might be wrong, but I am responsible for this. “

He added that he did not agree with the comments of Griezmann’s uncle, who said that “Messi is in control of everything and imposes very lenient training.”

He added, “For a long time, specifically three years ago, I have no relationship with Antoine, nor with his family or his inner circle.”

Regarding the comments of Ronald Koeman, who described Olhatz’s words as “nonsense,” the latter said, “I understand that he wants to defend his club and its players, but he is not fully aware of two things. That this gives me the right to express my opinion without anyone’s permission. “

The other thing for Olhatz is that Koeman said, “There have been no problems between the players since his arrival, but the deterioration in the relationship of the two men was last season, that is, before his arrival.”

He concluded, “The victim in everything that is happening is Griezmann. I deeply regret and apologize … This is my last comment on this issue.”

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