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After Messi’s harsh words … Suarez is grateful and Neymar amazed

“I deserved to be taken out as befitting one of the best players in the club’s history, not to be sent off as they did.” A harsh message sent by the Argentine star Lionel Messi to the management of Barca, saying goodbye to his colleague and friend, Uruguayan Luis Suarez, who moved to Atletico Madrid. This message was met with thanks and gratitude from the latter and astonishment from the Brazilian Neymar, a friend of the two stars, and one of the sides of the “MSN” trio, who filled the world of football and occupied its fans for several years.

Messi wrote – through his Instagram account – “It would be strange to see you with another shirt, and more than that, to confront you. You deserve to go out as befits one of the best players in the history of the club, he achieved important things as a player or with the group, and not dismissed as they did, but in this.” The stage does not surprise me. “

Although Suarez is busy completing the routine medical examination and signing the contract with “Altalti”, he found the necessary time to respond to Messi, saying, “Thank you, my friend, for your words, thank you for what you are, and how you treated me and my family since the first day.”

And “Pistolero” – on his official account in Instagram – “I will always be grateful to Messi, the human, humorous and sensitive person, because everyone knows Messi the player.”

“Do not forget what I told you: keep enjoying yourself and prove that you are number one, and do not let two, 3 or 4 people distort the giant that you represent for the club and the world of football.”

He concluded, “I love you so much, my friend, and I will miss you five” (meaning: Messi, his wife and their three children).

In turn, Neymar responded to Messi’s post on Instagram with the phrase “amazing, how do they do these things.” In reference to the Barca administration, and how it deals with the players, especially in the crisis of Messi’s request to leave and the way in which Suarez left through the narrow door, after 6 years of titles and achievements in the Catalan team’s shirt.

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