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After publishing his picture with an Israeli singer, Muhammad Ramadan denies knowing his nationality

Emirati journalist Hamad Al Mazrouei caused the Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan to fall into a new dilemma after publishing a picture of the latter gathering with the Israeli singer Omir Adam in Dubai, and Al Mazrouei commented, saying, “The most famous Egyptian artist with the most famous Israeli artist .. Dubai brings us together,” before deleting the tweet minutes later. Who posted it.

The page “Israel Speaks Arabic” had published the photo, and attached it to the comment “Art always brings us together … the Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan with the Israeli singer Omir Adam in Dubai.”

Muhammad Ramadan and the Israeli singer Omir Adam in Dubai (social networking sites)

It is not clear when the photo was taken, as the Israeli singer Omir Adam was on a visit to the Emirates in October to attend the celebration of the “Jewish Festival of Joy” that was held for the Jewish community in Dubai, while Ramadan went to the UAE several times in the past months, the last of which was his visit yesterday. In preparation for honoring him in Dubai at the end of November.

A picture that provokes a crisis

According to sources, Ramadan had met with Emirati journalist Hamad Al Mazrouei, who asked him to take a picture after introducing him to singer Omair Adam. Ramadan immediately welcomed, especially for the friendship between him and Al Mazroui.

While the comments of Muhammad Ramadan were contradictory regarding the crisis, as he wrote a comment saying, “I do not care about your name, your color, nor your birth, I care about a person, even if he (does not have) a title. I do not know or ask about any person who is imagining with me or imagining with him, and not By asking him (I do not ask him) about his religion or nationality, and our Lord created us as one, “and quickly deleted him directly.

Immediately, Muhammad Ramadan was subjected to an attack campaign by the pioneers of social networking sites, which reached a demand to be removed from the Representative Professions Syndicate, so he posted a video on Instagram, but he deleted it after a few minutes, in which he said, “I do not know nor ask about the nationality of the person I envision with, and which person I imagine With him, I do not know his name, color, or religion. “

He continued, “We are all human beings and we are all, our Lord, our Creator, and I do not know who takes pictures of me. All the people who ask (who ask to) picture me with a picture (with me I imagine), and all my audience knows that.”

The attack of the pioneers of the communication sites

And Muhammad Ramadan was subjected to a fierce attack from the pioneers of social networking sites, and on Twitter, one of the people wrote, commenting on the picture (normalization is betrayal).

While another published a picture of Muhammad Ramadan in military uniform and wrote (Dont mix), another commented, “Shame is haunting them, and some demanded that a clear position be taken by Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions.”

As for the “Cinema Paradise” page, it commented that it is an affirmation of the personality of Muhammad Ramadan.

And it said, “A little while ago, a picture of the so-called Muhammad Ramadan gathered with the Zionist singer Omir Adam in Dubai. This picture, unlike everyone, made me very happy, so it is nothing but another evidence that my opinion of Muhammad Ramadan proves that he is not only a low-profile actor, but he is also without identity and personality, his identity is Fame and money and he does not care about art, nor societal issues or a long-standing political issue like the Palestinian cause. Art is supposed to have a message, but Muhammad Ramadan’s message to us and to everyone is (Whatever I do, the more famous I get, and wherever I go I make a lot of money, so let you, your issues and art go to hell) “.

Princess Sayed Makkawi, the daughter of the late artist, commented on her saying (the artist of war and peace)

While Iman Seif demanded to boycott his films.

And accounts were published on social media, confirming a connection between the head of the acting professions and Ramadan, through which the latter explained, that he did not know the identity of the person he embraced in the picture, and he will appear before the union upon his return to clarify the matter.

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