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After Russian intervention, Azerbaijan and Armenia declare a humanitarian truce at midnight

Azerbaijan and Armenia announced that they had reached a ceasefire in the Karabakh region, after a telephone conversation between the Russian Foreign Minister and his Azerbaijani and Armenian counterparts.

Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that Armenia announced that it had agreed with Azerbaijan on a humanitarian truce, starting from midnight tonight.

For its part, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said that the agreement with Armenia on a temporary ceasefire came for humanitarian reasons.

The Al-Jazeera correspondent in Moscow confirmed that an Armenian military delegation arrived in the Russian capital, in response to an invitation from the Russian side, which was directed to Armenia and Azerbaijan, to hold a meeting of military leaderships that will put in place the mechanisms for implementing the ceasefire, in implementation of the Moscow agreement signed on the tenth of this month. From his side, he has not sent a delegation yet.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Minister Sergey Lavrov discussed with his Armenian and Azerbaijani counterparts the military escalation, and the ministry stated that Lavrov stressed in a phone call with his Azerbaijani and Armenian counterparts the need for strict implementation of the Moscow agreement on the ceasefire.

It is noteworthy that on October 10, a humanitarian truce was reached in Moscow, between the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia, but Yerevan violated it after less than 24 hours by bombing the city of Ganja, killing and wounding civilians.

On the other hand, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said earlier that his country would respond to Armenia’s targeting of Azerbaijani civilians, by liberating more Azerbaijani lands occupied by Armenia.

Assistant to the President Hikmat Hajiyev said that initial information indicates that 20 homes were destroyed in the bombing of Ganja, adding that “the state terror policy practiced by Armenia must stop.”

The Azerbaijani Prosecutor General Karman Aliyev considered the killing of civilians after the bombing of the city of Ganja as a war crime and a crime against humanity, and said that his country will use all means to achieve justice against the leadership of Armenia.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Defense in Azerbaijan announced the shooting down of an Armenian drone, after announcing the shooting down of a Sukhoi-25 warplane in the Karabakh region.

Late on Friday evening, the city of Ganja was subjected to an airstrike by the Armenian army, using ballistic Scud Elbrus missiles, which killed 13 civilians, wounded more than 40 others, and caused the demolition of more than 20 homes.

The Azerbaijani Public Prosecution announced that the toll of Armenian bombing raids on Azerbaijani residential areas since last September 27 has increased to 60 dead and 270 injured.

On 27 September, the Azerbaijani army launched an operation in Karabakh in response to an Armenian attack targeting civilian areas, during which the army managed to liberate the cities of Gabriel and Faduli, the town of Hadrut, and dozens of villages.

Armenian exile

For its part, Armenia denied its responsibility for the bombing of civilians, and the forces of the Armenian Karabakh region, which is not recognized internationally, published a list of military sites in Ganja, describing them as legitimate targets.

In a related development, a source in the Armenian Foreign Ministry told Al-Jazeera correspondent that Armenia had shot down 3 drones over Armenian territory.

A spokesman for the Human Rights Center in the Karabakh region said that 8 civilians were killed in the region as a result of the bombing since the truce was declared between Azerbaijan and Armenia, bringing the total number of civilian deaths since the beginning of the clashes to 36 civilians, 20 of them were killed in their homes, while the number of civilians injured reached 125 since the beginning of the fighting. .

In another development, Islamabad rejected the claims of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, about the presence of Pakistani special forces involved with the Azerbaijani army, in the ongoing conflict in the Karabakh region.

And the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said in a statement, on Saturday, that Pashinyan’s statements he made to a Russian television channel two days ago are baseless and unfounded.

Turkish condemnation

On the other hand, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced its strong condemnation of the attack launched by the Armenian forces on the Azerbaijani city of Ganja, in which civilians, including children, were killed, and said, “We will not be silent.”

The Turkish defense published on its official page on Twitter, Saturday, a picture of an Azerbaijani child, who was killed by the Armenian bombing of the city of Ganja, and commented, “This child was killed in his sleep by bombing Armenians with ballistic missiles.

Earlier Saturday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that Armenia continues to commit war crimes, while those calling for a truce and negotiations continue to watch the Armenian attacks from a distance.

For its part, the United Nations strongly condemned all forms of attacks targeting civilians in the ongoing clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, expressing its deep concern over those battles and their repercussions on civilians.

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