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After targeting an Emirati exhibitor account … a campaign on communication platforms to move the Twitter office from Dubai

Twitter management has restricted the account of Emirati opposition activist Hamad Al-Shamsi, as activists noticed, upon visiting his account, the emergence of a message from Twitter warning that this account is temporarily restricted, due to the presence of some unusual activities from him.

The eighth bulletin – your newspaper (10/21/2020) monitored the interaction of the pioneers of social media platforms with Twitter’s decision to suspend the Emirati exhibitions account, in addition to suspending the account of the Emirati researcher Ibrahim Al Haram earlier.

Activists accused the Dubai office of Twitter in the Middle East of being behind the restriction and suspension of the accounts of Emirati opponents.

Academic Abdullah Maarouf demanded that the Middle East Twitter office be taken out of Dubai, saying, “Hey Twitter, get your Middle East office out of this prison called Dubai, what happened to you, people?”

Researcher Saeed bin Nasser Al-Ghamdi called for a campaign to support the account of the Emirati opposition figure, Hamad Al-Shamsi, to go back to tweet again. He wrote, “The account of the Eminent Free and Generous Emirati activist, Mr. Hamad Al-Shamsi, has been suspended by Twitter. I hope everyone supports the account so that it speaks the truth and is against injustice.”

The Emirati writer Ahmed Al-Shaiba Al-Nuaimi denounced the suspension of the account, and demanded Twitter not to block the free word, so he tweeted, “The suspension of the activist Hamad Al-Shamsi’s Twitter account is reprehensible and unacceptable, what we know is that Twitter is a platform that accommodates all opinions, and Brother Hamad is the owner of a free and balanced proposal. The account, and not to block the free word, and not to distort the image of Twitter among its audience. “

On the other hand, activists launched a campaign on Twitter against the Emirati “Etihad Airways”, which operated the first commercial flight from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv, in a protest move against the normalization agreements between the UAE and Israel, the last of which was visa-free entry.

The “Mesh Heik” account on Twitter called for a low rating for the “Etihad Airways” application through the app stores. In less than 24 hours from the launch of the campaign, the app’s rating dropped from 4.2 to 2.9 on the Google Play App Store, and the campaign against the app continued until activists brought the rating to 1.6, according to the “Mesh Heik” account.

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