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After the departure of Suarez .. Will Messi find his way in Fati?

Barcelona player Ansu Fati had not completed two years when the Argentine star Lionel Messi made his first match with Barca in 2004, as the young star has memories of his attachment to the best player in the world 6 times, who helped him develop.

Fati scored two goals in his team’s 4-0 victory over Villarreal in the Catalan team’s first game in the Spanish Football League.

With the focus before the match on Messi’s anger at the club’s decision to dispense with Luis Suarez to join Atletico Madrid, Fati stole the limelight after putting Barcelona ahead with two goals in the first 20 minutes.

Fati told reporters, “Playing with Messi has been a dream that has haunted me since childhood and now I live this dream .. He gives me many advice and helps me a lot on the field, in training and outside the field as well, and this makes me happy.”

The young striker’s star shone last season when he became the youngest player to score a goal in Barcelona’s history in La Liga, and he seems on his way to achieve more wonderful things with an increase in his chances of playing in the coming period due to the departure of Suarez.

“I would like to continue to develop every day and continue to learn from my colleagues because they are the best and they try to help me every day,” Fati added.

Coach Ronald Koeman revealed that he blamed Fati for his level in the team’s last pre-season friendly matches against Elche, but praised his moves and his way of ending the attacks against Villarreal.

The Dutch coach said, “I criticized him against Elche, but today I told him that he played a great game, he was playing in a very direct way and used his abilities to the fullest degree … He is a young player and he should look forward to performing in a good way on a regular basis, and he showed that he has a great future and I am very happy after his level today.” “.

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