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After the explosion of Afghanistan … the arrest of the governor of Kabul state and the president is unconstitutional to form an interim government

Afghan intelligence announced that its forces arrested – on Saturday – the governor of Kabul Province in the Taliban movement, Muhammad Lala, who was overseeing the movement’s military operations in a number of states adjacent to the capital, Kabul.

This comes hours after the Afghan forces were killed in an explosion targeting a military base in Nangarhar Province, eastern Afghanistan, and the Taliban claimed responsibility for it.

Al-Jazeera correspondent quoted a source in the Ministry of Defense as saying that 13 members of the Afghan forces were killed in the bombing that targeted the base located in Shirzad district in the state.

Earlier, Afghan President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani said that the new US administration would send a team to his country to discuss the peace process, indicating that he would discuss with it the promotion of peace opportunities in the country.

This came after the Taliban movement rejected the Pentagon’s accusations of violating the peace agreement signed in Doha in last February.

The Taliban rejected the Pentagon’s accusations that it violated the peace agreement signed in Doha last February (European)

temporary government

On the other hand, the Afghan president said that the formation of an interim government in the country would be a cause of bloodshed. And he confirmed in statements via video technology – during an event in Kabul today – that this would not be legitimate.

He explained that the idea of ​​forming an interim government contradicts the constitution, and that it will lead to bloodshed in the country, stressing that he has never opposed the peace process, but he will not turn a blind eye to illegal measures.

And he indicated that the Taliban did not take any positive step for peace, did not abide by its pledges, but increased the frequency of its attacks.

He pointed out that he wants with the new US administration to reconsider the peace process with the Taliban.

Earlier, the representative of the Taliban’s political office, Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai – on Thursday in Moscow – said that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani should submit his resignation, and that they would continue peace talks with the Afghan interim government that will be formed after Ghani’s resignation.

Demonstrations and clashes

On the other hand, 9 people were killed today in clashes between protesters and security forces in Behsud district of Maidan Wardak province in eastern Afghanistan.

The local Taloo News channel quoted a statement by the Ministry of the Interior, that clashes erupted after a group of demonstrators objected to the appointment of new police leaders in Behsud, who organized a protest outside the police headquarters.

The channel indicated that 7 gunmen loyal to Abdul-Ghani Alibor – a leader in the Hazara Shiite community – were infiltrating the protesters.

It added that 9 people were killed in the clashes, while 12 others were injured, including policemen.

It is noteworthy that Abdul Ghani, known as Commander Alibor, was in 2018 detained by the security forces, and when he was released, he signed a pledge to the government that he would register all the weapons he had with the government, or he would hand them over.

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