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After the first debate for the elections in America .. Do you believe the expectations of an American journalist of a civil war?

The episode (02/10/2020) of the program “Above the Power” dealt with its topics with the following headings: Why does Iran support the Shiites of the Arabs and leave the Shiites of Azerbaijan? Do you believe Friedman’s expectations of an American civil war? Sisi media admits fraud.

It also dealt with: Netanyahu carries his dirty laundry from Israel to America, and Macron blames Lebanese officials, but he does not repent.

The world watched the first debate between the most prominent US presidential candidates: President Donald Trump, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who repeated the phrase “Shut Up, Man,” after Trump repeatedly interrupted his speech.

The debate was filled with mutual accusations of lying, corruption and gossip, until the CNN broadcaster described it as a scandal and a dirty show.

Joe Biden also used the phrase “God willing,” to marvel at Trump’s words that he was paying his taxes accurately, after he had previously read a translation of an honorable prophetic hadith.

Days before the first debate between the two candidates, President Trump – while participating in a state funeral – was surprised by demonstrators who gathered in front of him and chanted “Vote for his exit from the White House”, at a time when the media recalled that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen described the US President that he did not He knows how to lose, and it is difficult for him to relinquish power peacefully if he falls.

Is Michael Cohen prejudicing Trump, who this week refused to pledge to ensure a peaceful transfer of power, and responded to a question in this regard that he was annoyed by the mail vote. According to a political analyst: If America wants to escape from a civil war, then Trump must win or fall for a terrible fall, so that he has no pretense of claiming fraud.

The veteran American journalist Thomas Friedman talked about his career that he began covering the second civil war in Lebanon, and stressed that he does not want to conclude it by covering the second American civil war, which he fears will happen in the event of Trump’s loss and refusal to hand over power.

It is worth noting that, in the United States, laws do not prohibit the acquisition of weapons, but rather Trump encourages the carrying of them, and a number of overt militias have been formed recently that are predominantly right-wing fanaticism, and full loyalty to Trump, the leader, not only the president.

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