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After the United States threatened to impose sanctions … Who would dare buy or sell weapons to Iran?

The academic and researcher specializing in regional issues, Muhammad Sedqian, affirmed that Iran’s policy has succeeded in thwarting US plans to bypass the nuclear agreement and UN Resolution 2231, and seek to extend the arms embargo on Iran.

In statements to the episode (10/18/2020), he revealed that Tehran after the end of the 5-year arms embargo decision ended; It showed its ability to produce about 90% of its weapons needs, which is a blow to the United States, and a failure for all its efforts to limit Iran’s ability to arm.

With the end of the UN embargo decision at dawn on Sunday, Sidqian confirmed that many European countries have approached Tehran to conclude arms deals, but these countries are waiting for the end of the US elections to know the direction of the new administration.

With regard to what is going on about Tehran’s efforts to purchase the Russian S-400 missile system, he stressed that Iran is not currently seeking to conclude this deal, because it has managed to create a system with the same characteristics, but he did not rule out that Tehran concludes an aircraft deal with its partners in Russia Or China.

And US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened – hours after the end of the UN embargo on Iran – to use his country what he called its national authorities to punish any individual or entity that tangibly contributes to the supply, sale and transfer of conventional weapons to Iran, and called on countries that want peace and stability in the Middle East and support Combating terrorism by refraining from participating in arms trafficking with Iran.

Contrary to Sidqian’s point of view, Dr. Fatima Al-Samadi, the first researcher at Al-Jazeera Center for Studies, believed that the Iranian statements confirm Tehran’s relentless pursuit of concluding arms deals with many countries, referring to the Revolutionary Guard’s talk – on its Instagram page – about the completion of an arms deal with Russia that is being done. On it since 2017.

She added that Iran would seek to take advantage of the end of the embargo decision by modernizing its military arsenal, especially the dilapidated air fleet, as described, noting that Iranian weapons could be exported to 21 countries at the present time with the aim of financial benefit.

It also expected Chinese companies to conclude deals with Iran, while European companies would not take such a step for fear of US threats.

Al-Smadi stopped at the Russian and Chinese positions in the Security Council in support of Iran in the face of the US desire to extend the sanctions, and does not rule out that Russia and China take a stance that defies the US position towards Iran. Accordingly, I expected Moscow and Beijing to continue their support for Iran in the coming period.

For his part, Matthew Brodsky, advisor to the peace team in the administration of US President Donald Trump, said that Iran has not committed during the recent period to stop concluding arms deals, accusing Tehran of exporting its weapons to many countries through civil aviation.

He added that America is threatening to impose sanctions on everyone who deals with Iran based on UN decisions in this regard, accusing European countries of weakness and preferring financial economic relations with Iran, instead of standing up to it after killing Europeans inside their countries.

Although he acknowledged that Russia and China are not allies of the United States, he affirmed Washington’s ability to exert pressure against them of another kind if they decided to help Iran obtain weapons.

It is noteworthy that the decision to lift the arms embargo on Iran took effect at dawn on Sunday, and Tehran described the step that would allow it to import and export weapons by defeating the US administration.

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