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After winning the election, this is Biden’s first job

The British Independent newspaper published an article whose writer believed that the first thing that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden should do if he wins the presidential elections – early next month – is to sign a bill to protect democracy in the United States.

Tim Molani noted in his article for the newspaper that the first bill signed by any new president is of particular importance. Because it conveys a specific message, when former US President Bill Clinton was elected, the Family Leave Act – which was opposed by former President George Bush Senior – was the first bill he signed, and Barack Obama started with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Which seeks to protect workers from discrimination in the workplace, and annulled the Supreme Court ruling that imposes artificial time restrictions on cases related to discrimination against workers.

The writer said that the first bill Biden – who is likely to succeed President Donald Trump, who represents a daily threat to democracy – to sign is the “Protection of Democracy Act of 2021”.

The article pointed out that the bill – which has not yet come to light – will be a framework for several ideas that the Democrats seek to achieve, even if they did not publicly promote them during the campaign.

Among these ideas, the writer said, is to promote fundamental freedoms related to voting, and to redress the damage caused by the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Supreme Court.

He pointed out that the draft law to protect democracy that Biden proposes to start his presidential term with his signature, should protect the right to vote by reversing the Supreme Court decision that abolished the Voting Rights Act clause that requires states to obtain permission from the Ministry of Justice before changing voting laws in order to limit To enable citizens to vote.

He also suggested that the new bill provide for an increase in the members of the Supreme Court, which he saw that the Republicans now control, after they appointed 6 of its judges, and that it also stipulate the recognition of the District of Columbia as the 51st state in the United States, and that Puerto Rico be considered a US state as well.

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