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Ahead of an emergency session of the Security Council .. Myanmar closes the international airport and calls for the release of Sochi

The authorities in Myanmar, which witnessed a military coup, announced the closure of the international airport, ahead of an emergency session of the Security Council. Amid calls for the immediate release of state advisor Aung San Sochi and leader of the ruling party “National League for Democracy”.

Von Main, Yangon airport director, told Reuters that the airport would remain closed until May, but he did not give a specific date.

The Myanmar Times reported that permission to land and take off for all flights, including humanitarian flights, had been revoked until 31 May.

Meanwhile, China called Tuesday on the international community not to “complicate the situation more than it is” in Myanmar, before the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, where sanctions against this country are likely to be discussed.

And Beijing – which enjoys major strategic and economic interests in its southern neighbor – is opposed to “interfering” usually in the internal affairs of countries and international sanctions.

On Monday, US President Joe Biden threatened to impose sanctions on this country, after the army carried out a coup and arrested the most prominent leaders in the country, including San Sochi.

For its part, the “National League for Democracy” party today called on the army to release San Sochi immediately, and to recognize the party’s victory in the last elections.

The ruling party said on its Facebook page, “They released all detainees, including the president (Win Myint) and the state advisor (Sochi),” and called in a statement by the military establishment to recognize the results of the legislative elections held last year, in which the Sochi Party won.

He also called for the convening of the parliament that emerged from the elections that took place last November, which came during the Fateh dawn coup of February, hours before the holding of its first session.

Where is Sochi?

The French Press Agency – quoting a parliamentarian from the National League for Democracy – stated that San Sochi “is apparently placed under house arrest in the capital Naypyidaw.”

The army carried out a “white” coup without bloodshed, arrested the president of the country, the state advisor and a number of senior officials, and declared a state of emergency for a year, ending a period in which civilian rule prevailed for 10 years, claiming that he wanted to maintain stability and talking about fraud in the election results Parliamentary. He promised that he would hand over power after “free and fair” elections, but did not specify any date for them.

On the other hand, state television announced yesterday that the ruling military council dismissed 24 ministers and their deputies, and appointed 11 ministers in portfolios such as finance, health, media, foreign affairs, defense and interior.

Security Council

It is expected that the UN Security Council will hold a meeting later today, and diplomats say that there are calls for a strong global response that rejects the military’s control of power in Myanmar, and many condemnations have been issued, but some neighboring countries have refused to condemn or comment on what is happening, such as Thailand.

In response to a question during his daily press presentation about what the UN Council will decide, Stefan Dujarric, spokesperson for the organization, stressed that “what is important for the international community to speak with one voice” regarding the recent developments in this country, he also said that there is a fear that the coup will make the situation worse for those belonging to a minority Rohingya Muslim.

Dujarric explained that 160,000 Rohingya live in camps and cannot leave.

It is reported that the Myanmar army ruled the country from its independence in 1948 until 2011, when elections were held that resulted in an unstable emerging democracy, and its control continued within the wheels of power, including its possession of 25% of the members of Parliament.

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