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Ahead of the trial .. The withdrawal of 3 of Trump’s top lawyers and the investigations consider the storming of Congress the most dangerous since the September attacks

CNN said that 3 of the top lawyers of former President Donald Trump withdrew from his defense team in his expected parliamentary trial after more than a week, amid expectations that this trial will be “faster, easier to understand and stronger.”

The three attorneys are: Deborah Barber, who worked as a federal prosecutor for 15 years, Butch Bowers, who worked in the Justice Department during the rule of former President George W. Bush, and the third attorney is Josh Howard.

CNN reported that Trump wanted the defense team to focus his arguments on what he considered election fraud.

And according to Reuters quoted an informed source, this “joint decision”, indicating that this decision will confuse Trump’s defense team, which is preparing for the trial, which begins on February 8th, to consider the accountability article approved by the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives had indicted Trump on January 13, holding him responsible for inciting a revolt against the government and storming the Congress building, after he addressed a crowd of his supporters in Washington on the sixth of the same month, alleging that the elections were rigged in favor of his rival (the current president) Joe Biden. .

Hours later, supporters of Trump stormed Congress during a session of both chambers to certify Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

Trumpians storm the Congress during a session of both houses to certify Biden’s victory in the (European) presidential elections.

Design and confidence

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Virginia Muhammad Al-Alami says that Trump is determined to narrate that the presidential elections are rigged, despite the fact that support for this theory has almost completely collapsed, with the exception of very few parties.

According to the reporter, most Republicans in the Senate attack the conduct of the trial, in form and not in substance, claiming that the trial of a president who has already left office is unconstitutional, and they do not rise the debate to the issue of defending him and confirming his claim by saying that the elections are rigged.

Other sources talk – as the correspondent says – about the resignation of all lawyers with the consent of the two parties, and the former president does not seem to have any defense team, and he pointed out that Trump appears reassuring and deals with the defense issue more comfortably as long as he will not be convicted.

In this context, expectations indicate that the second trial accusing Trump of negligence will be faster, easier to understand and stronger, and may be supported by material from within the White House.

A different procedure

The Los Angeles Times reports that Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives responsible for the upcoming trial in the Senate, and who act as prosecutors, are preparing for what (to be) a radically different procedure, armed with lessons learned from the first trial to indict Trump. By default, and with a more clear and direct case in light of their control of the Senate and the White House.

As in 2020, Trump’s acquittal is almost certain because it takes 67 senators to convict him, and most Republicans voted earlier this week that the impeachment was unconstitutional because Trump had already left office.

The judicial authorities in Washington have charged two members of the right-wing Proud Boys group, which supports the former president, charges related to conspiracy against the storming of Congress.

For his part, the lawyer of one of the defendants belonging to the “Keio Anon” group announced that his client may be ready to testify against Trump during the Senate trial.

The most dangerous issue

It is noteworthy that FBI agents considered the storming of the Congress building to be the most dangerous issue since the attacks of September 11, 2001, amid accusations by Trump campaign supporters of funding the demonstration that led to the storming.

The “Washington Post” newspaper quoted some FBI agents describing them as the most dangerous issue of the congressional storming since the 9/11 attacks, stressing that they attach great importance to determining the extent of planning and coordination. Between groups of intruders.

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources among the demonstration organizers, said that Alex Jones, one of Trump’s most prominent fundraisers, received donations to finance the demonstration.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Julie Jenkins Fanseli, heir to the Publicex chain of stores, donated about $ 300,000 to fund the demonstration, and that Jones facilitated obtaining this funding from it, as she was a prominent financier of the Trump campaign.

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