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Al-Burhan said that there is an opportunity that must be seized to remove Sudan from the list of terrorism .. Hamdok: Normalization needs a societal discussion.

The head of Sudan’s sovereign council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, said that the Sudanese have an opportunity to remove their country’s name from the list of terrorism, at a time when Washington, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, offered financial aid to Khartoum in exchange for the normalization of its relations with Israel.

In his speech during the National Economic Conference held today in Khartoum, Al-Burhan stressed the importance of seizing this opportunity to reform the economic system and get the country out of the crises it is going through.

For his part, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok said that the issue of normalization with Israel requires deep societal discussion and consultation on it.

In a lecture he gave at the aforementioned economic conference, Hamdok stated that he asked US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to separate the path of removing Sudan from the terrorism list and the path of normalization with Israel, as it includes many complications.

An American Israeli show

These statements came at a time when Foreign Policy magazine revealed that the United States, in cooperation with the UAE and Israel, had offered Sudan financial aid in exchange for the normalization of its relations with Tel Aviv.

The American magazine quoted – from officials who participated in talks on the subject last February – that Washington had offered Khartoum up to 500 million dollars in aid and investments.

Israel pledged to provide $ 10 million to directly support Sudan’s budget, and the UAE pledged to provide $ 600 million in fuel.

Foreign Policy indicated that Israel aspires from this deal to open channels for security cooperation between the two parties to gain access to information about networks transporting weapons across the Red Sea to Gaza. According to the magazine, these offers have not been sufficient so far to win Khartoum’s final blessing to normalize relations with Israel.

She added that the normalization of relations with Israel means removing Khartoum from the list of countries supporting terrorism, which is what the current Sudanese government most aspires to be to rebuild the country’s ailing economy.

Hamdok (right) in a previous meeting with Pompeo (social networking sites)

New obstacle

On the other hand, Reuters quoted 3 sources as saying that Sudan faces, despite more than a year of negotiations, a new obstacle to removing its name from the American list of countries sponsoring terrorism, which is its demand to normalize relations with Israel.

The agency quoted Sudanese government officials as saying that their country is resisting linking the two cases. A Sudanese official also explained to Reuters that Sudan has fulfilled all the necessary conditions for its removal from the list.

It also quoted a senior US official as saying that Washington is ready to allow time for Sudan to make a decision, noting that there are differences between the military and the civilian government on how to proceed.

It is reported that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said – in a letter to Congress last week – that President Donald Trump’s administration is looking forward to removing Sudan from the list next month.

In a related context, Rose Marie DiCarlo, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Peacebuilding, called for addressing the obstacles that prevent Sudan’s full integration into the international economic community. She was optimistic about recent indications of progress in removing this country from the list.

For his part, Omar Siddiq, the Sudanese representative to the United Nations, said that the difficult economic situation in his country requires sustained and generous support from international and regional partners, including the urgent removal from the United States’ list of states sponsoring terrorism.

During a session of the UN Security Council, Siddiq confirmed that the presence of Sudan on the US list of terrorism prevents debt relief and obtaining loans and foreign investment on a large scale.

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