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Al-Kazemi confirms the seriousness of Iraq in protecting diplomatic missions and praises the October uprising

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi affirmed the government’s seriousness in protecting diplomatic missions and keenness on good relations with all countries, and pointed out that his government was a product of the popular movement that began in October of last year, and that its mission is to prepare for fair and fair elections.

Al-Kazemi said – during a TV interview – that from the first moment he was assigned to head the government, he said that his government was “a social backlash.” It came as a result of the social reality, as the Iraqi people felt that their country was threatened and their future in danger, so the masses went out in demonstrations last year, which was the reason for the arrival of the current government, indicating that the “Tishreen Movement” is not a passing stage, but rather represents a pivotal stage in the history of Iraq.

He indicated that since the first days of his assumption of the premiership, accusations were directed at him by groups that wanted to achieve their interests, pointing out that if he had achieved these groups what they wanted, they would have been the first defenders of his government.

The treasury is empty
Regarding the financial situation of the state, Al-Kazemi explained that he had “received an empty treasury,” and an administration that relied on oil only, as well as that the economic situation was collapsing, as Iraq did not witness an economic crisis like the one it is witnessing today, pointing out that the corrupt exploited the chaos to break the prestige of the state.

Regarding the victims of the demonstrations, Al-Kazemi said that the government is still in the investigation stage to hold accountable those responsible for the deaths and injuries in the demonstrations and assassinations carried out by “organized crime groups,” stressing that “the killers will not go unpunished.”

Al-Kazemi (right), in a meeting with Trump two months ago, confirmed the strength of relations between the two countries (Anatolia)

The US embassy is closed

And on foreign relations, Al-Kazemi said that the Iraqi constitution stipulates that the government builds the best relations with countries to serve the interests of the people.

He pointed out that there are those trying to disturb Iraq’s relations with other countries, through the targeting of diplomatic missions, but the Iraqi government is serious about protecting these missions from any attacks.

He said, “It was agreed to redeploy American forces and leave the Iraqi bases, and 2,500 American soldiers have been withdrawn from the country.”

Regarding the presence of threats to close the US embassy from Iraq, Al-Kazemi stressed that Washington did not send any threat to close its embassy in Iraq, “but rather we received annoyance and concern from Washington about protecting its missions in Iraq, and this is normal,” stressing that Iraq has important relations with Washington, these relationships must be protected.

He added that the government has made great gains in the strategic dialogue with Washington, as many agreements have been reached in favor of Iraq.

Health status
On the health situation in the country, Al-Kazemi said that the number of Coronavirus infections in Iraq is acceptable compared to other countries, calling on citizens to adhere to the preventive conditions set by the Ministry of Health.

The Prime Minister commented on the early elections file, saying that most of the political forces were rejecting early elections, but the popular demands and the directives of the wise authority caused this to change, “noting that many political forces are agonized over what is happening and are trying to ride the train of the Iraqi national project.

Parliament called for a settlement of the electoral districts file and the Federal Court Act, stressing that there are no elections without the Federal Court.

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