Home / news / Almost two thirds of critically ill coronavirus patients are overweight and 37% are under 60, NHS audit reveals

Almost two thirds of critically ill coronavirus patients are overweight and 37% are under 60, NHS audit reveals

Almost two thirds of critically ill coronavirus patients are overweight and 37% are under 60, NHS audit reveals

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  2. Isn’t like 65% of the country considered Overweight or Obese?


  3. Two thirds of the uk are overweight. So don’t jump to conclusions here.

  4. i mean, you’d get that proportion of overweight people if you picked british people at random so its probably not that meaningful

  5. And I bet the majority are caucasian. And right-handed. And need some vision correction and have had dental work.

    Statistics and useless ‘factoids.’

  6. So being overweight doesn’t appear to be a risk factor from this data

  7. of course are two third of critically ill coronavirus patients overweight in a country with two thirds of all people being overweight

  8. An extremely large majority of these patients are also British. There must be something to that./s

  9. no shit… two thirds of people in the UK are overweight

    I’m unsubbing r/worldnews until they blanket ban dailymail

  10. … Umm, according to a quick google search, 62% of people in the UK were overweight or higher.

    Per the article 63% of people in hospitals are overweight or higher. Almost exactly the percentage in the normal population.

  11. Aren’t two-thirds of Europeans and Americans overweight? This just seems to line up with the population

  12. I am in that two thirds.

    And I’m in that 37%.


  13. The United States is going to be wiped out.

  14. Fuck you daily mail. Don’t you have Kardashian’s to keep up with….

  15. US CDC: Percent of adults aged 20 and over with overweight, including obesity: 71.6% (2015-2016)

  16. That’s a weird way of saying 63% are over 60.

  17. “Overweight” is too generic. You can find any correlation to a too broad demographics. I really hate this moronic-headline media.

    Now reading the actual content, it says “Excess weight against chest makes it harder for muscles to draw in deep breath”. We are talking about really obese folks who already have a hard time breathing due to obesity, so of course they are at higher risk regarding *any* illness affecting the lungs.

    So if you are simply fat, chubby, it doesn’t mean anything.

  18. All those body positive obese instragram models have been very quiet lately.

  19. In america, that would mean fat people are at the exact same risk, seeing as we have 66% fat people in the country.

  20. wait, so they’re saying unhealthy people are more prone to acquire and react poorly to a virus? Well I never! Who would have thought?

  21. how much of the general population is overweight? Looks like in the US 71.6% of people are overweight.

  22. It makes sense. Being overweight is harder on the body in a number of ways. That said, I tried looking through the article for the definition of overweight/obese because some of the standards we use in the US are very outdated like BMI. I suspect the ones falling into those categories who are critically ill are overweight to a greater extreme. From the article as well there’s discussion of the the food quality consumed. While that can cause obesity it’s not a perfect correlation. I feel like I eat like an anorexic rabbit but can’t get below 200 lbs at 6-2.

  23. Wow if this is really hitting the obese hard, U.S. is dooomed.

  24. Isn’t two thirds of everyone in America overweight. That means the virus is equally spread right?

  25. …they still deserve to be alive

  26. How overweight we talking?

  27. Americans:


    *I’m in danger*

  28. what about underweight like me

  29. Every single time this is reposted. The damn article’s* numbers literally have obesity/overweight rates of critically ill corona patients reflect the broader population’s, yet people keep going durr hurr alabama gunna die.


    *if you can call anything in the daily mail that

  30. Oh man, fat America is in for a hurting.

    And thats most of America.

  31. Where the heck is the source of this article?

  32. It’s almost like being overweight is a pre-existing condition or something. This is why western countries will have a higher case fatality rate than China.

  33. Did we all forget Rule #1: Cardio!

  34. Obesity is a life threatening disease there’s no doubt about it.

  35. This is a great reminder that humans are not excluded from the survival of the fittest.

  36. well this thread will definitely spark a debate

  37. The article actualy states that two thirds is Obese, not Overweigt. Only 28.1% of adults in the United Kingdom are recognised as clinically obese. So Obesity actual has an impact on your health.

  38. [http://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations](http://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations)


    for instance, “per capita cheese consumption correlates to # of deaths from getting tangled in bedsheets” (r=0.947)

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