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Although he is living a golden period within his party .. Reports confirm Boris Johnson’s intention to resign, what is the reason?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not know – when he went out to his countrymen in his first speech on the Corona epidemic months ago, and spoke to them in this dramatic way that shook the world, and warned them that many would bid farewell to their loved ones – that by doing so he determined even the fate of his personal relationship with this virus, which He took his body from his body, so he put him in the recovery room, and his popularity, so he fell into the polls.

There has been much talk during the last period about Johnson’s resignation from his post, although the man is living a golden period within his party, tightly controlling him, as well as relying on an absolute majority in Parliament that will facilitate him to pass laws without obstruction.

The reason for this news is the uncomfortable financial condition of the British Prime Minister, due to the large number of family commitments and spending on his family.

financial problems
A report by the “Mirror” newspaper confirmed the information circulating about Johnson’s intention to resign after 6 months, due to the financial crisis he is going through; His salary of 150,000 pounds sterling is not sufficient to support his family, whether he is divorced and her five children, or his current wife and their son, who has not yet completed his first year.

The newspaper confirmed that it had obtained information from parliamentarians close to Johnson, who reported him complaining about his weak monthly salary, and changing him from his predecessor, Theresa May, whose annual income moved to one million pounds after her resignation thanks to her academic and scientific activities.

Johnson believes that he could achieve an annual income of 2 million pounds sterling if he resigned, by returning to writing in newspapers and giving lectures in Britain and abroad.

Johnson set a 6-month ceiling for his resignation, which is the period he deems sufficient to complete Brexit in all its details, and also for the country to emerge from the Corona epidemic crisis, with expectations that the vaccine will be available in the spring of next year.

The mystery of Johnson’s health
The controversy began about the health of Boris Johnson after he was infected with the Corona virus and transferred to the recovery room, but the public opinion quickly forgot this controversy, before he returned and forcefully after statements issued by the wife of Dominic Cumminger’s wife, Johnson’s chief adviser, and the strong man in the prime minister because of his close proximity to Johnson.

During a chat with a journalist, Cummings’ son-in-law revealed that Johnson is still suffering from complications from the Corona virus, and that he is exhausted, and that he will resign 6 months from now, that is, after ensuring that his country leaves the European Union and concludes new trade agreements.

The same spokesman compared Johnson’s condition to a horse who returned to the race with an injury, which means that he will always suffer from injury. In a sign that Johnson did not get enough rest after leaving the intensive care unit, to return to his duties.

The media and even the political community would not have paid any attention to such expectations, had it not been for their source close to Johnson and the decision-making circle in London. Which gives it some power.

Despite this, the Prime Ministry responded to these statements as being unreasonable and based on no rationale. Before Johnson comes personally to defend himself, and confirms that he is in very good health, and he deliberately appeared on more than one occasion while practicing sports with a sports coach.

The story of Johnson’s resignation almost stopped when the news was raised and denied, had it not been for the famous British broadcaster Ypres Morgan, who hosts the “Good Morning Britain” program, to have returned and fueled controversy over speculation of Johnson’s resignation from his post.

The famous TV presenter confirmed that he would not be surprised if the prime minister announced his resignation, due to the Corona virus and the way to deal with it, noting that Johnson lost support even from newspapers that supported him in the past, citing also a lengthy report by The Times, in which she revealed Johnson’s personal problems .

Morgan added that the country needs strict and clear leadership, “and it does not need someone who appears to be defeated and exhausted,” which Johnson denies, considering that his performance in the face of Corona has saved lives, and also spared the country an economic disaster.

Reeling popularity
Since the arrival of British politician Keir Starmer to lead the Labor Party, months ago, many things have changed; Perhaps the most important of these is the opposition leader’s ability to manage the confrontation with Boris Johnson in Parliament, completely unlike his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn.

Kerr Starmer succeeded in drawing attention and hijacking the spotlight in Parliament in front of Johnson more than once, especially on the issue of Corona, and perhaps this is confirmed by opinion polls conducted by the “U-Cove” Foundation.

The latest poll of this institution showed that for the first time since the arrival of Boris Johnson to the leadership of the Conservative Party, the latter is witnessing a decline in opinion polls, and is not at the top of the list of favorite parties for the British, after they gave an absolute majority to Johnson’s comrades in Parliament.

On the other hand, the popularity of the Labor Party is improving, as both poles of politics in Britain (Labor and Conservatives) won a similar vote (40%), months after the Conservative advance, and the analyzes of many political observers suggest that this result is partly due to From her to Kerr Starmer’s character.

The same poll, which is the largest in Britain, showed that for the first time since Boris Johnson took office as prime minister more than a year ago, he is not at the forefront of the Britons’ favorite figures to lead the government, in favor of the Labor leader.

The key word in the decline in Boris Johnson’s popularity is the country’s policy in dealing with the Corona epidemic, and its positioning among the countries most affected by this epidemic in terms of deaths.

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