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America .. Biden avoids the spotlight, Obama organizes the first gathering to support him, and Trump intensifies his rallies in crucial states.

US President Donald Trump, who is seeking to win a second term, and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, adopt two contradictory approaches in their election campaigns just two weeks before the due date, while Trump continues to move from state to state, Biden stayed at his home for the second day in a row.

The day after his participation in two election rallies in Arizona, the master of the White House will participate in an election rally in Pennsylvania, noting that the participation of the first American lady Melania Trump in the election rally was canceled at the last minute.

On the other hand, the schedule of the former US Vice President, the favorite according to the polls, is devoid of any activity for the second day in a row.

Trump told Fox News that “things are changing rapidly,” stressing without any evidence that the polls are in his favor more and more, and that his opponent’s campaign is collapsing.

“Joe Biden is hiding again in his basement today,” the Trump campaign team wrote on Twitter mockingly.

Obama is on the line
The Biden campaign announced that the first participation of former President Barack Obama in an election rally in support of his former deputy will be on Wednesday in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is home to 1.6 million people, and is the largest city in Pennsylvania, which will witness a fierce election battle in the third of November.

The Biden campaign announced in a statement that Obama, 59, would organize a “drive-in” campaign in which supporters would participate in their cars, and would encourage Pennsylvania to vote early.

Trump had narrowly won the state of Pennsylvania in the 2016 elections, but is currently behind by 3.8 points, according to the average polls on the Real Clear Politics website.

Trump attacks Biden
As Decisive Day approached, President Trump continued to attack his opponent, not only describing him as a criminal, but also calling on Fox News, Justice Minister Bill Barr, to open a “criminal” investigation against him.

Trump said that China wanted Joe Biden to win badly and did not want “to see me win a second term,” and stressed that he is running not only against Biden, but also against “corrupt” media and major technology companies.

And he stressed that if the Democrats won, the Americans would lose the right to own weapons guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution, before returning to confirm that Kamala Harris would not be the first female vice president of the United States.

He also indicated that as long as he is president, America will remain the first country in the world to produce oil, and hydraulic fracturing technology will not be compromised.

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