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America can no longer ignore Israel’s support for its rivals

The US National Interest said that the United States can no longer ignore the damage that Israel’s support for Washington’s rivals causes its strategic interests, especially since Tel Aviv has repeatedly explained its relations on the basis of “false justifications.”

The site stated that most of the discussions within the US administration and in party circles in Washington focus on the path of the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis, while ignoring to a large extent the reason for Israel’s transformation into a “strategic responsibility” incumbent on the United States.

The site adds that the issue here is not related to the problems related to how the policies and positions of Israel affect the Palestinian issue, but rather to support and empower Israel to compete with America and countries seeking to rewrite the liberal order in the post-World War II period, especially China and Russia.

As for the relationship of Israel and China, it is a “worrying” relationship – according to the website’s view – especially in light of the rejection of the Israeli ruling class any voice objecting to the military trade exchanges between the two countries, or to the Israeli technology sector’s welcoming of Chinese investments and its desire to sell its products to its Chinese counterparts.

He adds that the belief that there is a real firewall between the Chinese military industries and the private sector is wrong, stressing that he is also deluded by those who believe that Beijing is obligated to respect intellectual property rights in its relations.

The National Interest believes that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is more and more blinded by his arrogance, if he believes that Israel can include China on its side in its conflict with Iran and the Arab regimes.

On the other hand, the site asserts that Israel’s relationship with Russia is “problematic”, although it is a little more understandable given the large number of Israelis who immigrated to Israel from Russia or from Russian-speaking communities after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Nevertheless, the site believes that Netanyahu overestimates the importance of his warm relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the military trade relations between the two countries ultimately reinforce Russia’s anti-American stance.

The site believes that Netanyahu overestimates his warm relations with Putin (Reuters)

Israeli naivety

He adds that Netanyahu may have thought that his deals with the Russians were sufficient to prevent further Russian intervention in favor of Iran, but the recent Russian moves to end the arms embargo on Iran show the “naivety” of the Israeli prime minister’s position.

He stresses that the Israelis must realize that Putin is playing a “strategic game”, the result of which is that Russia and the West cannot find a profitable understanding for them together, so he believes that it is imperative that Moscow be victorious and Washington is defeated. In this sense, any diplomatic concession that Israel grants to Russia ultimately weakens the regional interests of the United States.

On the other hand, Israel – despite its frosty relations with Ankara – continues to support Azerbaijan with arms in its ongoing conflict against Armenia over the Nagorno Karabakh region, and the traditional basis for this Israeli support for Baku is the common threat that Iran poses to both countries.

However, National Interest believes that this view of things is outdated, especially in light of the efforts of the Azerbaijani leadership led by President Ilham Aliyev to retake the region militarily, which would serve Turkey’s regional interests more.

The site concludes that Israel certainly remains an important ally of the United States, and that the close relations between Washington and Tel Aviv greatly benefit both sides, but the United States must not turn a blind eye to Israel’s repeated efforts to help America’s enemies or to deliver weapons and technology to them.

This demand is of great importance, especially since the strategic justifications advanced by Israel have always been based on false assumptions about the good will of the other side: China, Russia, and now Azerbaijan and Turkey.

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