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America .. Trump attacks the Supreme Court over the mail vote, and Biden promises him defeat

US President Donald Trump criticized the Supreme Court’s decision to approve the extension of voting by mail 3 days after polling day in the presidential elections, and said that he would “open the way to bad things.” In return, his rival, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, threatened him with defeat, saying, “Only 3 days separate Americans from putting an end To the Trump administration. “

Trump stressed that Americans need to know who won the election after it is over, and not after days or weeks. And yesterday, Saturday, during a gathering in Pennsylvania, he warned that the Supreme Court’s decision to agree to extend voting by mail 3 days after the official polling date would open the way to bad things, referring to the possibility of tampering with ballot papers.

Trump said, “On November 3, you will follow the elections. It is very likely that you will not get a result because the state of Pennsylvania is vast, and as you know, there is another state and it may be the case for other states as well. What the Supreme Court did in our country is terrible, the court made a decision.” Politically bad. “

Pennsylvania state
Al-Jazeera correspondent Wajd Wafqi, who accompanies Trump’s campaign, said that the US president focused on mobilizing votes in Pennsylvania and visited 4 cities there on Saturday, because it is a crucial state in the results of the presidential elections (20 members of the electoral college).

The correspondent added that the decision of the authorities in charge of elections in Pennsylvania to delay the start of counting the votes by mail means delaying the announcement of state results until after polling day.

And at least 7 counties in Pennsylvania have announced that they will not start counting ballots mailed out until the day after the official election date. This step, which officials in the state seek to avoid, would lead to a possible delay in the election results.

The issue of mail-in voting in the swing state is witnessing an ongoing legal dispute between Republicans and Democrats, which may affect the entire electoral scene in the country.

Post cards
In a related context, the “Wall Street Journal” reported that polling stations in the United States did not receive millions of ballots by mail in swing states, and said that the slowdown in mail delivery threatens to not count the votes of the electorate.

As of October 30, the newspaper reported, no more than 7 million ballot papers have been returned by mail in more than 13 swing states, whose laws require ballot papers to arrive on or before election day.

This number represents about 28% of all ballot papers counted in those states, according to election project data.

The same source indicated that this could affect the final results of the elections, especially since President Trump won states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Florida by a narrow margin during the last elections in 2016.

Biden and Obama
On the other hand, the Democratic candidate, Biden, vowed his opponent Trump with defeat, and said at a festival to address his supporters in Michigan state that only 3 days separate Americans from putting an end to the Trump administration, which “ignited hatred and strengthened the division in the country.”

Biden said, “After 3 days, we can put an end to the presidency of Trump that has divided the nation, after 3 days we can put an end to the presidency that failed to protect this nation.”

Former US President Barack Obama also attacked President Trump, accusing him of irresponsibility and acting in his position to benefit himself and those around him at the expense of the Americans. Obama said in a speech during his participation in the election ceremony in support of Biden in Michigan that Trump “strengthened racism and hatred, spread conspiracy theories and insulted the media, mocked science and scientists, and questioned the integrity of doctors.”

Obama added that Trump is exposing thousands of his supporters to the Corona virus by insisting on heaping them during his rhetorical festivals to satisfy his ego.

The US Elections project platform reported that more than 90 million voters had cast their ballots as of Saturday as part of early voting.

According to the platform’s data, the number of voters by mail has exceeded 57 million, while the number of voters who went to early direct polling stations is close to 33 million.

The New York Times reported that the high turnout in early voting puts the United States on the path to surpassing 150 million voters for the first time in history.

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