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‘Americans sold us out,’ Kurds guarding US base in Syria say

‘People bought us out,’ Kurds guarding US base in Syria say

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  1. This is how terrorists are born.

  2. Make no mistake, trump sold them out for personal profit and it’s absolutely disgusting.

  3. I’m so ashamed of my country. I’m so sorry that we have failed you 🙁

  4. Yep. I’d like to take a moment to remind my fellow Americans that the world does NOT revolve around you and your beliefs. And that the actions of your countrymen, whether or not you agree with them, are part of your responsibility too. I would like to blame the GOP or Trump or whatever but to be honest, it will not change the fact that as citizens and agents of these United States, we are due the dishonors that our fellow countrymen commit.

    So yes, we sold out the Kurds. We are to blame for every single death caused in this genocide because we let something like this happen. Trump never would have been president were it not for our failures in both politics and in culture. I hope we can all understand that as we move forward.

  5. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the resentment from this eventually lead a Kurdish extremist to lash out at the U.S. in 10-15 years.

  6. yes. the fact we allowed trump to be elected means we all share blame. Its frustrating that more of us voted against him than for him and we’ve been trying to oust him since he got sworn in…all to no effect. cannot wait for the old conservatives to finally die off so they wont be holding back the rest of the country

  7. Yup, we did. As an American, I’m absolutely disgusted by what Trump did here. I’m disgusted by a lot of things that Trump does, but this one makes me feel particularly ashamed. And this one involves us as a country, not just him personally. The Kurds signed up to work with the US, a country, not Donald Trump, an individual. So to any Kurds out there, I say “I am so sorry.” Most of us are absolutely ashamed of what our president has done to you.

    I hope we can eventually make this right, but the Kurds are going to suffer an awful lot before that happens. So if you’re angry at America right now, you have every right to be. Most of us wish this never happened, and are furious it did, but we’re not the ones who bear the brunt of it, Kurds are. We’ll work to try to hold Trump accountable for what he did and try to fix this as much as we can, but for right now we can only give you our solidarity and apologies. I’m sorry, and I know that sorry doesn’t cut it in this case.

  8. The us and the uk are pretty notorious at this point for abandoning allies. They always seem to be the “good Guys” though.

  9. Classic American move. Getting civilians killed and their alies. Been doing it for the last 70years.

  10. The Kurds have a saying “No friends but the mountains”.

  11. As an american, if this does not make you feel like the evil empire, i dont know what would.

  12. Americans didn’t. Trump did.

  13. They are not wrong. I just hope they don’t feel like this was the choice of the American soldiers they worked with…

  14. The headline should read, Republicans throw allies under the bus to appease dictator and empower terrorist group, ISIS.

    Was it part of the plan to scatter the most hardened terrorists around the area? Does this somehow lead to Donnie Moscow’s much lusted after “justified war”?

  15. Where were all of you when the US decided to pull out troops from Afghanistan, leaving the Afghan army to deal with the Taliban themselves?

  16. Now the US is providing a paid army for Saudi Arabia, like they don’t have billions for their own army. Trump is the anti Christ.

  17. The US Gov. Did sell them out.

  18. An American Traitor Named Donald Treason Trump sold them out to try to divert attention away from the fact that his treason is in the process of being exposed.

  19. GOP sold you out. Americans are powerless to stop them because this is how our system works. I guess there aren’t measures in place to stop an entire party from shitting the bed.

  20. We shouldn’t have been there you fucking warmongers

  21. Sorry doesn’t cut it. Not in the slightest! I don’t think America can fix this either. Too much blood on our hands. This won’t be forgotten (outside the country) and America will likely suffer from some terrible attack down the road as a result. The worst part? We deserve it… Embarrassment, Shame, Anger, Sorrow, Heartbrake. Every American should be experiencing these emotions right now. That is if you have a beating heart. We just abandoned people who have been there for us through some tough times. Just left for dead. Like it was no big deal…

  22. Dear HK Protestors, as you go about waving American flags and asking Trump to help you, know that this is how Americans operate in the world.

    You will be used.

    You will be betrayed.

    You will be discarded and left to fend for yourself when your usefulness to American foreign policy comes to an end.

    Like it or not, China’s money has been a lifeline to your city for 22 years now. You may hate the mainlanders coming into HK, but they’re also the ones spending money in your city, they are the ones keeping your service industries alive, they are the ones investing in your companies and creating jobs.

    You rely on China for food, for power, for water. For better or worse, your skin is the same colour as the mainlanders. Think carefully about where your city would be, without a massive hinterland supporting it. It’s not fucking perfect, but nothing is.

  23. We should never have picked a fight in the first place when we didn’t intend to see it through. Dishonorable.

  24. This is a prime example of the starting steps to creating a terrorist organisation, that will literally tunnel vision on revenge. You accept help from someone, then treat them worse that the dirt that they saved americans lives on. The only sour feeling left in their minds will be revenge. It’s a sad sad state of affairs.

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