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America’s elections .. Obama attacks Trump in the first appearance of Biden’s campaign and the president continues to rally in critical states

Former President Barack Obama participated – for the first time – in a rally in support of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, while President Donald Trump continued to mobilize voters in critical states, while opinion polls show intense competition between the two candidates less than two weeks before the US presidential election.

In a rare public appearance, Obama, 59, participated Wednesday afternoon local time in a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of the crucial states in the presidential race.

In a speech delivered during the “Drive-in” rally, in which supporters stayed in their cars to prevent the Corona virus, Obama criticized the Republican candidate, Trump, for saying that he was unable to seriously deal with the burdens of the presidency.

He added that democracy does not work under a president who constantly lies, calling for mobilization in Biden’s favor, regardless of opinion polls that show his progress by several points at the national level.

The former president participated in this gathering while Biden did not appear for the third day as he was preparing for the upcoming presidential debate on Thursday evening, which prompted Trump to accuse his opponent of hiding.

The appearance of Obama comes at a critical time from the presidency, ahead of the debate that might give the Republican candidate an opportunity to gain additional points and tip the scales in his favor.

Biden’s campaign relies on the stardom of the first black president of the United States and his popularity to mobilize young people and citizens of African descent, who constitute a major segment that would enhance the chances of Democrats winning the elections, should they win their support.

On Tuesday, Obama published a video in which he urged young people to engage in what he described as the battle for change, and said that the growing movement towards justice and equality will not continue unless the Democrats win the elections.

Trump during an election rally in Pennsylvania, one of the important states in the race (Anatolia)

Unremitting crowd

For his part, Trump participated in an election rally in North Carolina, one of the critical states in the elections, and opinion polls indicate that it is witnessing a close race between the Democratic and Republican candidates.

On Tuesday, Trump participated in an election rally in Pennsylvania, which is also one of the crucial states, and told his supporters, “If we win in Pennsylvania, we will win.”

The escalation of Corona virus infections in several US states casts a shadow over the election rallies of Trump, whose opinion polls show that the majority of voters are dissatisfied with the way he has dealt with the outbreak of the epidemic.

Although opinion polls still indicate Biden’s progress at the national level by a difference of up to 9 percentage points, Trump has managed in the past few days to reduce the difference at the level of states that play a decisive role in the presidential elections, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona.

According to a new poll prepared by Reuters and the Ipsos Institute, Biden is leading in California, while the competition between him and Trump intensifies in Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Biden believes he must win in his home state of Pennsylvania, which Democrats narrowly lost to Trump in the 2016 election.

Close race

Despite Biden’s lead indicated in the polls, Jane O’Malley Dillon, the Democratic nominee’s campaign manager, has warned that the race is closer than the polls in 17 states indicate.

So far, a record number of American voters exceeded 41 million ballots in early voting by mail or through in-person voting, due to the most important factors being fear of voters from crowding on voting day on November 3 amid the outbreak of the Corona virus, and making sure that Their voices will arrive in the mail in time to be counted.

Meanwhile, US media reported that threatening e-mails have been reported to Democratic voters in several states, and were allegedly sourced from the right-wing Proud Boys organization.

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