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Amid a cautious spin among historic enemies … the Malaysian parliament resumes its work despite the state of emergency

The resumption of the Malaysian Parliament indicates the imminence of early elections, which will prompt the historical opponents to review the chances of the coalition in the elections

The Royal Palace in Malaysia surprised politicians by announcing last Saturday the possibility of resuming the work of Parliament in light of the current state of emergency, which ends on the first of next August, and without the need for the (usual) prime minister to ask the king to invite parliament to convene, after a meeting between The king, “Abdullah Care of Al-Din Al-Mustafa Billah Shah” and the Presidents of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

While the government remained silent about the royal statement, many observers ruled out the overthrow of Muhyiddin Yassin’s government by a royal decree, but they expressed their understanding of the new tone of the king towards the current government, especially since a widespread belief prevails in Malaysian political circles that the royal palace alone provides it with a lifeline. .

On the first anniversary of his mandate to form a coalition government (the National Decade) on the second of March 2020, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin pledged to call for general elections as soon as the Corona pandemic ended, and Muhyiddin had previously admitted that his government came from the back doors, not building On an electoral program.

Perhaps it is the first time in decades that the Malaysian king has exercised wide powers, the last of which was the declaration of a state of emergency to besiege the spread of the Coronavirus, a declaration that was widely interpreted as saving the Yassin government from the dilemma of losing the confidence of the parliamentary majority, and given the constitutional holiness the king enjoys, The political and constitutional debate remained conservative and cautious about his increasing influence in the executive authority, knowing that his powers are constitutional.

A prevailing belief that Parliament will not convene before the state of emergency ends on the first of next August (Al-Jazeera)

moving sands

Head of the Islamic Youth Organization in Malaysia, Faisal Aziz, summarized the expected political scene with a tweet on Twitter in which he said, “No one party or a traditional party bloc will be able after today to form a government alone in Malaysia.” The tweet of the rising politician came in the light of his criticism of the phenomenon of parliament members moving between parties according to their interests .

Last week, two members of parliament jumped from the ranks of the opposition to the combination of the government, and two other members repositioned them by moving from one party to another, within the opposition bloc led by Anwar Ibrahim.

Liu Qin Tong, former Deputy Defense Minister, did not rule out changing the entire party map, with the first signs of early elections emerging, and he said in statements to the Island Net that the status quo will end once the elections are announced, which he expected to coincide with the end of the state of emergency.

Tung – a prominent leader in the Democratic Action Party, which is dominated by people of Chinese origin in the opposition – indicated that the main influential parties are currently divided into 3 main blocs: the United Malays National Organization (AMNO) party, and with it the National Partnership Alliance and the National Front, and the President’s party. Ministers “Brissato” and with it the National Decade Alliance, and the opposition Hope Alliance, which includes mainly the People’s Justice Party led by Anwar Ibrahim, the Democratic Action and the National Secretariat.

The former deputy defense minister added that the prime minister has two options: the government continues to protect the emergency law, or the call for early elections, because holding parliament in its current formation means for Muhyiddin Yassin the dangers of passing a draft to withdraw confidence from his government, as it does not enjoy the confidence of the majority.

Liu Chin Tong, former deputy defense minister (right) and Kate Siang, leader of the opposition Democratic Action Party (Al Jazeera)

Spinning the enemies

A leader in the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) party, speaking to Al Jazeera Net, expressed great disappointment in the party’s circles that the performance of its historical ally, the Chinese Malaysian Society Party, which formulated the social contract as a prelude to the coexistence of Malays on the eve of independence, said – with unusual frankness We cannot sacrifice the Chinese minority (23% of the population) in order to maintain an aging alliance.

The leader in AMNO – who preferred not to be named – indicated that 3 consecutive elections are sufficient to demonstrate that the Malaysian Chinese are loyal to the Democratic Action Party, and that the Amnu party cannot turn a blind eye to this variable, and that the time has come for AMNO to review its strategy in dealing with the Chinese. Malaysians.

As for former Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razzaq, he did not rule out joint action with yesterday’s enemies, in a clear reference to the Democratic Action Party, and said in a TV interview if yesterday’s enemies Mahathir Muhammad, Anwar Ibrahim and Kate Siang (the leader of Democratic Action) ignored their historical differences in order to work together in In the previous elections, why shouldn’t Amnu work with his former enemies if that is an interest?

However, an expert on the affairs of the Amno party, Professor Abdel Razzaq Ahmed, believes in an interview with Al-Jazeera that the two parties must prepare their bases before taking the steps of rapprochement, which may take one or two electoral cycles, and the rapprochement may begin with electoral arrangements that prevent the mobilization and mobilization of each of the other.

The introduction and possible arrangements were expressed by the leader of the Democratic Action, Liu Chen Tong in the form of conditions, and he told Al Jazeera Net, we can work with AMNO if he apologizes to the Malaysian people for what his leadership committed before the 2018 elections, in which the party lost, referring to the financial and administrative corruption charges against the party leadership It is represented by its current president, Zahid Hamidi, and its former boss, Naguib Abdul Razzaq.

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