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Amid an argument between Republicans and Democrats … Biden promises a historic government, and Trump calls on his party to learn “fight.”

US President-elect Joe Biden pledged to present a historic government that reflects the diversity of the United States, while the Republicans called for a greater role for Congress to restore confidence in the electoral system; Democrats responded that continuing to question the results of the presidential election threatens US national security.

The Chairman of the Senate National Security and Government Affairs Committee called on Republican Senator Ron Johnson to continue monitoring election security in the next Congress in order to restore confidence in the integrity of the voting system.

“Examining irregularities in the 2020 elections will be my last investigation, and the last hearing that I preside over,” he said, “but monitoring election security must continue in the next Congress, because we must restore confidence in the integrity of our voting system.”

On the other hand, Democratic Senator Gary Peters considered that feeding what he described as false allegations about electoral fraud threatening US national security, destabilizing the US’s relations with its allies, and seriously threatening the future of American democracy.

New appointments

Meanwhile, Biden said that his administration will represent the United States more than any previous government, stressing – during the presentation of his candidate for the position of Communications Minister Pete Budge – that the challenges facing the country will be the responsibility of his government.

“The Biden and Harris government will be historic, reflecting the diversity of the United States, as it combines the best, opens doors and breaks barriers, and is efficient,” he added.

Reuters quoted two informed sources as saying that the president-elect will nominate Gina McCarthy, former director of the Environmental Protection Agency in the administration of former President Barack Obama, for a new role to oversee the coordination of domestic climate policy at the White House.

If approved by Congress, McCarthy will lead the efforts of several agencies to coordinate domestic climate change policy, and her work will match the work of John Kerry, who was appointed by Biden as a special envoy on climate change.

Also within the upcoming appointments, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that Biden is expected to choose ex-Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm as the energy secretary in his administration.

Biden is also expected to nominate New Mexico Member of Parliament Deep Haaland for the position of Interior Minister.

Trump criticized Republican Majority Leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell for approving Joe Biden victory (Anatolia)

Trump criticizes

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump criticized the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell; For his approval of Joe Biden winning the presidential elections.

Trump said – in a tweet on Twitter – that the recognition of Biden’s victory was premature, and that the Republican Party should “learn to fight,” adding that the people were angry.

McConnell congratulated – in a speech in the Senate – President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on the victory, and called on Republicans not to be drawn into Republican calls in the House of Representatives to object to the electoral college vote that confirmed Biden’s victory.

In a related context, former Director of the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security of the US Department of Homeland Security, Christopher Krebs, told Congress during a hearing on Wednesday that the US elections that were held were the safest elections in the country’s history.

“While the elections were at times chaotic, these were safe elections, and I have no doubt about that,” said Krebs. Trump fired Cripps after he publicly challenged the president’s allegations of election fraud.

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