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An alarming increase in the number of attacks on Muslims in France in 2020

The head of the “National Observatory against Islamophobia” in France, Abdullah Zakri, announced in a statement today, Friday, that the country witnessed 235 attacks on Muslims in 2020, compared to 154 in 2019, representing an increase of 53%.

Zakary, head of the observatory of the French Council of the Islamic Religion, explained that most of the attacks took place in the regions of Rhone-Alpes, Baca, and Ile-de-France, which includes the capital, Paris.

He also pointed out that the attacks on mosques increased by 35%, compared to what happened in 2019, without further details. He stressed that Muslims are concerned about the negative view of the French towards Islam.

He stressed that there is no link between Islam and terrorism, and the need for Muslims to be able to practice their religion, just like other followers of other religions in France.

On January 24, a committee of the French National Assembly (Parliament) approved the controversial bill “Principles for Promoting Respect for the Values ​​of the Republic”, which was first known as “combating separatist Islam.” The draft law is expected to be presented to the National Assembly in February.

The bill faces criticism such as that it targets Muslims in France, almost imposes restrictions on all aspects of their lives, and seeks to show some issues that rarely happen as if they are a chronic problem.

France is one of the largest European countries in terms of the size of the Muslim community. As of mid-2016, about 5.7 million Muslims lived in it, which constituted 8.8% of the total population.

While this percentage stands in the total European Union at 4.9%, with expectations that it will rise to 11.2% by 2050, according to the statistics of the American Research Center.

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