Home / news / An attacker is on the loose after three people were stabbed in The Hague, the Netherlands which was packed with shoppers for Black Friday

An attacker is on the loose after three people were stabbed in The Hague, the Netherlands which was packed with shoppers for Black Friday

An attacker is on the loose after three people were stabbed in The Hague, the Netherlands which was packed with shoppers for Black Friday

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  2. Oh my God. I was just there. We were rushed out of the store but nothing seemed off to me. No screaming or running.

    Shortly after as I was walking in front of the parliament (about 100 meters from the store) a bunch of police came, knocked a guy down and arrested him.

  3. some updates i found:

    Dutch police say they are still looking for a suspect. Police spokeswoman Marije Kuiper said the stabbing happened Friday night when one man attacked several people on the street. She said it remains unclear why the person started stabbing people, and that police are “keeping every scenario open.”

    In her statement, police spokesperson Marjie Kuiper also said that an earlier description of the suspect as a 45-year-old man in a grey track suit was incorrect.

    Dutch police have asked members of the public to contact them if they saw the attack, and for anyone with pictures or video of the incident to send it to police.

    The stabbing happened at approximately 7.45 pm local time, with the current time being just after 11pm there. Authorities have not yet offered a motive for the attack, and have say they are “keeping every scenario open”. The incident happened on a busy shopping street full of luxury shops, with people out looking for deals on Black Friday.

    Children were among the three people injured in the incident, according to acting mayor of The Hague. Boudewijn Revis said he was horrified by the stabbing Friday night. Police say they still are looking for a suspect.

    The victims were all minors, the Associated Press is now reporting, however police have said it is not clear whether they were wounded in the knife attack, or injured because of panicked crowds.



    The Netherlands State Television Station, NOS, reported that the stabbing incident in The Hague City did not turn out to be a terrorist attack. The station cited “various sources”. Three people were injured in the incident. The stabber escapes and pursues a hunt.
    (Reuters) via ynet flash news

  4. TIL Black Friday is observed in places other than the USA

  5. Latest info I can gather:

    1. Three victims so far. All teenagers. Dutch news source claims they “were talking”.
    2. The perpetrator is not arrested, although there are pictures an arrest (assumption is that was not the perpetrator).
    3. Police have **withdrawn** the initial description of the attacker as a curly black-haired man in gray jogging clothes with “tinted skin”.

  6. Two attacks in one day. I’m sure they’re entirely unrelated, but yikes. I hope the surviving victims in London, and the victims in The Hague all recover.

  7. Hmm… I dont think this and the attack in London happening on the same day are a coincidence.

  8. Why the fuck are other countries doing Black Friday? Don’t follow American standards of consumerism… It’s fucking stupid.

  9. the attacker has not been caught yet, if you can please stay inside.

    a knife has been found in a plant pot in the shopping street but obviously the attacker could have multiple weapons.

  10. Being only 10km away, it really feels like this hit close to home. I hope all the injured are fine and the monster is found.

  11. the second stabbing today. great start to the holiday season!

  12. London and Netherlands on the same day. No doubt authorities will want to look into a connection and anyone wishing to claim responsibility.

  13. The Netherlands and UK on the same day…

  14. They have black friday worldwide?

  15. Didn’t this happen around the same time last year too?
    Do we have any descriptions of the attacker? Motives?

  16. Total sidebar:. Europe, what the fuck are you doing with the Black Friday shit? That’s our (America’s) trashiest and most toxic “tradition”.

    If you’re going to culturally appropriate us, can you at least appropriate something 5-10% less gauche, like overeating for the Super Bowl or turning into total rednecks on the 4th of July?

  17. Just heard they evacuated somewhere in Paris too after finding an explosive device in a bag? Anyone have anymore info on that? What is going on today?

  18. Hi, im Dutch! I just found out black friday exists in my country!

    If you need me, i will be dying slowly at the bottom of the hill because the netherlands dont have proper canyons.

    Leave me be please.

  19. This is an awfully stabby weekend

  20. That happened only a few hours after a terrorist atack in London.

  21. Yet another reminder to the world that Islamic terrorism will NEVER go away.

  22. So London, Hague and PAris train station all within hours of each other.

    Fine, lets not speculate, but once the investigations is done, lets not hold back in calling this what it is, regardless of what the woke police might think.

  23. Damn, they should’ve banned knives and this would’ve been avoided.

  24. No mention of the attacker in either “mass stabbing”, must be a white supremacist…

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