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An Egyptian engineer creates special clothes for post-surgical procedures

One of the difficult moments that passes for everyone in the aftermath of surgeries is the moment they need others to depend on them in their daily life after surgery, especially when they wear clothes.

A very painful feeling, and a moment that was not easy for everyone who has gone through it, especially if it is not related to a few days, but may extend to weeks and months. These were the same moments that the husband of Shaima Al-Najjar, an architect, went through, who found a solution that would rid her husband of the psychological burden and help others overcome this problem.

The idea created by Shaimaa, to get those undergoing surgeries free from the pain of asylum to help in the aftermath of their medical surgeries, was based on an ordeal, as the forty-year-old engineer was born into a family that owned a garment factory, and creating fashion was the hobby of her family members. So, when she and her husband went through the suffering of wearing his clothes alone, following surgery on his arm, she recalled the idea of ​​a large-size shirt, which her mother had designed 40 years ago, and then Shaima expanded the idea, to include clothes intended for most types of surgeries.

The innovative engineer says, on her Facebook page, that one of the most common problems facing patients after surgery is their dependence on themselves in the most private matters, which is wearing or removing clothes.

Hence the idea came to her: to employ special types of fabrics in designs that allow them to be worn without suffering, especially for patients with fractures in the arms, or surgeries in the upper part of the body.

In her initiative, Shaima sought the help of specialized doctors, who explained to her the type of favorite fabrics in winter and summer, the type of sutures or buttons that are used in knitting pieces as an alternative to traditional sewing, in addition to drawing a map of the body and the types of surgeries that can be dealt with to suit the patient and his condition.

The main goal of Shaima in implementing her designs was the flexibility of dealing with these clothes, as well as the ease with which doctors could follow up on the health status or surgery without exposing the patient to psychological or physical harm.

The young engineer also made sure to design special pieces that include pockets for stents that are attached to patients, and for the drainage (surgical drainage through a tube).

The idea of ​​the project was not profitable, as much as it was a service. The engineer says – on her Facebook page – in her comments about clothing prices, “I dealt with the matter from a humanitarian standpoint in the first place, and I know that the cost of surgeries is expensive, so I do not burden the patients. Especially since the patient will have to buy more than one piece of exchange. “

Shaima says that one of her goals is to work on designing women’s pieces of clothing intended for post-breast surgeries, suitable for detection, in addition to pieces that are suitable for wearing at home and not just clothes for going out, especially since women are the most demanding of household parts.

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