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An Iraqi driver and soldier amaze a TV team accompanying the Pope


A bus driver and an Iraqi soldier astonished the staff of a foreign television network accompanying Vatican Pope Francesco during his visit to Iraq.

Irish journalist Colm Flynn of the international Catholic television network “EWTNEWS” expressed the great kindness of the Iraqis in dealing, and posted on his Twitter account a video clip of a scene that happened with the British BBC working group in charge of covering the visit. Pope Francesco to Iraq, and one of the bus drivers in charge of transporting the delegation.

Flynn said that the driver’s ring liked his fellow photographer, “Alexei,” so the driver decided urgently to gift the ring to Alexei.

The journalist commented, “The kindness and warmth of the Iraqi people, which we interviewed never ended.”

In another remarkable situation, Flynn said, “I crept out of the church while the Pope was speaking to meet some of the locals, and thought I was about to get into trouble when a man from the army approached me;

Flynn documented the moment he boarded the plane bound for Pope Francesco to Rome, commenting, “The sun of Iraq was shining on us while we were boarding the papal flight to Rome. What a beautiful spirit we saw in the Iraqi people and their country, thank you very much.”

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