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An unknown stage actor who became a superhero … the Hugh Jackman whom everyone loved

Today, October 12, Hugh Jackman completes 52 years of age, but that did not reduce his widespread popularity, or change everyone’s view of him as a young and handsome star who is able to move between different roles smoothly.

He is an actor, singer and producer. He was able to present one of the most famous superheroes of all time, “Wolverine”, and at the same time he presented some of the most enjoyable musical films, where he sings and dances in a distinctive way that qualified him for Grammy and Tony Awards, in addition to Oscar and Golden nominations Globe.

The fierce and beloved superhero

Before 2000 and the movie X-Men, Hugh Jackman was an underrated multi-talented theater actor, but many of his fans today may not remember this stage, as he was stuck in their minds forever in the role of “Wolverine or Logan” in the series. The X-Men “launched in 2000.

This series was extremely successful in both public and critical terms, and opened the door for other superhero movie franchises, such as Marvel Universe and DC.

Jackman worked in this film with a group of great talents, such as Patrick Stewart and Ian MacLean, but that did not prevent him from shining, contrary to the expectations of some who saw that he was not suitable for the role, but that he was considered one of the best performing roles, which were presented in the movies of superheroes, Only 3 films were singled out for his character – in addition to the other films he participated in – the last of which was Logan in 2017, who presented the ending of the character with a sad and iconic image that deserved an Oscar nomination for best screenplay.

Very talented actor

Hugh Jackman’s great success in the role of “Wolverine” caught the attention of directors and producers, to the point that he was offered the role of the famous secret agent James Bond, but he abandoned him due to his involvement in other film projects, including one of his best films, “The Prestige” in 2006 in front of Christian Bale, Michael Kane, directed by Christopher Nolan, and in this movie he presented the role of the performer Angger, who suffers from bitterness and jealousy of his rival wizard, who causes the killing of his wife, and makes a violent sacrifice to win him.

Then he moved to work with Darren Arnofsky in his famous movie “The Fountain” in 2006, in which he presented the role of a neurologist who is torn between grief for his dying wife from a brain tumor, and trying to find a cure for her. The compound roles Jackman provided in his career.

In the same year, he also worked with director Woody Allen on the movie “Scoop”, in addition to voice performance in two animated films.

In 2008, Jackman returned to his country, Australia, to present one of his most famous roles in the famous epic movie “Australia” (Australia) opposite Nicole Kidman, where he played the role of a strong cattle herder who helps the incoming English woman take care of her giant herd of cattle, a role that made him the knight of many dreams Ladies around the world, where he presented a soft, romantic side in the rough character, and People magazine named him the most attractive living man this year.

He presented one of his most famous and influential films in 2012, the musical “Les Misérables”, which forced him to lose 15 kilograms, and then gain 30 others so that he could present the character of Jean Valjean in all stages of his sad life. For this film, he won an award. Golden, and was nominated for the first time for the Oscar, and then continued to provide distinguished roles year after year, from action films (action) to musical films and comedies.

Musical theater besides acting

In addition to his great cinematic success, Hugh Jackman did not give up his love for theater and the show, so he decided to merge the two works. In 2009, Daniel Craig participated in a play on Broadway, and in 2010 he presented only a show containing some of the most famous reviews that appeared in ancient American cinema, for a period of time. 100 minutes.

He also participated in many other musical and theatrical performances from her time until now, and he also presented the 2009 Oscars, where he participated in dancing and singing in various paragraphs during the awards ceremony.

In 2019, Jackman toured the world under the name “The Man. The Music. The Show” to perform the songs of his famous movie “The Greatest Showman” and a collection of the most famous songs of Broadway and Hollywood, during this tour He gave 88 shows, and visited North America, Europe, and Oceania.

He then returned to Broadway to perform the show “The Music Man”, which opened in October 2020, despite the nose of the global Corona epidemic.

A warrior in the battle of cancer

Jackman had basal cell cancer 3 times between 2013 and 2014, which is – according to his description – the most common type of skin cancer, and every time the tumor had disappeared, he advised his followers that they should put sunscreen products to protect themselves.

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