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Anger as Botswana holds first auction since 2014 for big game hunters to kill 70 elephants

Anger as Botswana holds first auction since 2014 for big game hunters to kill 70 elephants

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  2. World leaders could auction off a war against such dickness.

  3. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7978145/Botswana-start-auction-elephant-hunting-licences.html) reduced by 85%. (I’m a bot)
    > Botswana, home to the world's largest elephant population, on Friday was set to hold a major auction for big game hunters to kill 70 elephants, the first since scrapping a hunting ban last year.

    > According to an auction advisory, bidders must have 'demonstrable appropriate elephant hunting experience' and have no previous wildlife criminal convictions.

    > All elephant hunting expeditions will be compelled to be accompanied by a guide and a professional, at all times, according to the auction notice.

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  4. Anger and indignation protects no land, cash does, and these are animals selected as surplus by wildlife biologists, not the hunter.

    If you like elephants, you have to accept this as the best method available to us. Photography safaris dont extend far from the airports and are little more wild than riding a schoolbus through that safari park in Santa Rosa California. Tourists simply wont go far enough into the wilderness to provide a livlihood to the people in elephant conflict zones to preserve them.

  5. The elefants are not hunted for fun but because they are a danger to the people. There are way too many of them to be fed so they come too close to the villages and eat the criop, destroy houses and kill many people each year. Of course it is not nice to shoot them but this a organized set up. We are talking of 70 of more than 100.000 animals.

  6. How about an auction to hunt the hunters?

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