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Anti-CAA protests: Indian police brutally tortures 10 female students

Anti-CAA protests: Indian police brutally tortures 10 female students

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  1. Typical of India’s fascist Modi BJP regime.

  2. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.globalvillagespace.com/anti-caa-protests-indian-police-brutally-tortures-10-female-students-of-jm-university/) reduced by 90%. (I’m a bot)
    > In a latest development, over 10 female students of Jamia Millia University participating in an anti-CAA Act, 2019) protest march on Tuesday accused Delhi Police officers of hitting them on their private parts, Indian media reported.

    > "On Fridays students observe fast They were all denied water. Police abused & passed derogatory remarks against Islamic religious figures – the prophet. They were forced to say Jai Shri Ram."Yogi's police torturing detained Muslim student protesters!https://t.

    > The protesters are also demanding an investigation into Sunday's violence in the federally run JMI University, where police barged into the campus, beat up students and allegedly vandalized university property.

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  3. Who is http://www.globalvillagespace.com

    A little known website ‘Global Village Space’ was quietly launched in 2016 and promotes the writings of well-known ‘perception management’ operators such as Brig Gen (r) Asif Haroon Raja who is regularly featured on other propaganda websites such as the infamous ‘Veterans Today‘ which was a special project of Hamid Gul and more recently Russian propaganda websites. Also featured on ‘Global Village Space’ is Syed Haider Mehdi, another former military officer who is featured on ‘Command Eleven‘. ‘Global Village Space’ also features personalities from Russian propaganda operations.

    None of this is very surprising as such operations have been exposed for years. However what makes this case interesting is that according to public records, the website ‘Global Village Space’ is registered to none other than Moeed Pirzada.

    Imagine my shock when I saw the Director of Eurasia Future, Adam Garrie sharing these stories on Twitter, exclaiming: “Make Pakistan Sovereign Again”. In another tweet, he wished Pakistan could get rid of Nawaz Sharif. Several individuals involved with Eurasia Future are also regular contributors for Sputnik International and Russia Today (RT).

    Mr. Garrie also writes for Global Village Spaces, a well-known pro-establishment Pakistani news and analysis website registered under Moeed Pirzada’s name. Is it a mere coincidence then that he was the first news anchor in Pakistan to take up this fabricated news story on his TV show?


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