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Anuah Nagih is a South African activist and founder of the largest international museum in support of Palestine

In the far south of the world, specifically in the southern African city of Cape Town, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet, a landmark was established that recalls the Palestinian cause and presents the suffering of its people to another people who lived the experience of apartheid and struggled against the apartheid regime.

The founder of that landmark, the businessman, and South African community activist Anuah Nagh, died on Monday, after a struggle with the Corona virus.

Anuah Najeh, 62, had founded and managed the Palestine Museum in Cape Town to support Palestine and oppose the occupation several years ago, and fought judicially against influential Zionist groups in South Africa that tried hard to prevent the completion of the project and recently succeeded in winning the legal battle in favor of completing the museum’s construction.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera Net with Dr. Naguh last year, he confirmed that “the people of South Africa in general and the people of the Bukab neighborhood in particular knew the meaning of discrimination on the basis of color, religion and race, and from here they likened the practices of the apartheid regime against them to the practices of the Israeli occupation in Palestine.”

Palestinian memory from South Africa

The Palestine Museum is the first human rights center on the continent of Africa, where Dr. Nagih had referred to the existence of international human rights committees, but this museum is the first as an integrated center as far as he described, explaining that the role the center plays is to create an album to remember the history of the violations that People are exposed to it in different countries, and its inclusion of messages of solidarity and support for human rights, especially in Palestine.

In addition to his philanthropic work, Dr. Anuah Nagh was a well-respected businessman who chaired the board of directors of several investment companies in South Africa.

In the non-governmental organization sector, Dr. Nagia served as president of the Hosts Foundation, which has one of the largest relief and nutrition programs in the country.

Western Cape High Court judge, Siraj Desai, stated that Dr. Nagh had been involved in community organizations and humanitarian work in South Africa in addition to the Palestine issue since the dawn of democracy, and the reason behind the support of many like him from South Africa was the Palestinian cause.

Desai – a friend of Dr. Naguh – confirmed in his interview with Al-Jazeera Net, that he had known about him for 43 years, and shared with him the vision of the society they wanted in South Africa free of racism and equal among all, adding that Palestine was present from the beginning at that time with the heart of Dr. Nagia.

Judge Desai indicated that Najeh was not poor, but he was very humble, especially when the issue related to the poor in his area or on an issue related to the Palestinians and support for Palestine.

Dr. Anwah Najeh with his daughter Amal and his wife Feldela and Judge Desai (Al Jazeera)

Serving urgent cases

Rashid Omar, a researcher in Islamic studies and peacebuilding and the imam of the Claremont Mosque in Cape Town, said that Dr. Nagia was always ready to participate and help those who are less fortunate, regardless of their color, religion or orientation, adding that the bid he gave was devoid of any goals and desires other than happiness. People.

Omar confirmed to Al-Jazeera Net that he knew Najeh during the founding of a community organization to support the poor who were forcibly evicted from their homes during the apartheid regime 25 years ago.

He added that their relationship was further strengthened because of his passion for the freedom of the people of Palestine, indicating that this is the legacy that survivors will leave from life.

It is reported that the last time his survivors appeared in a humanitarian action was earlier this year, when NGOs were trying to help fight the Corona virus.

And Dr. Nagih had worked to distribute more than 4 million medical masks at the beginning of the Corona pandemic to poor communities in Cape Flat areas at his own expense.

Dr. Nagih received an honorary doctorate, in recognition of the work he had done in community service.

Voice of the Islamic Cape Society

Muhammad Grunwald – a friend of Dr. Najia and his companion in the campaign to support Palestine – indicated that Anuah Najeh was not – like many – only a temporary activist when a problem and attack occurred in Palestine by the Israeli occupation, but he was always active in support of all just causes internally and externally, especially the Palestinian cause. .

Politicians and scholars from around the world during a visit to the Palestine Museum in Cape Town with Anuah Najeh (Al Jazeera)

Grunwald stated that it is better to remember Dr. Naguh as an unwavering fighter and one with constant passion for the Palestinian cause, noting that he had participated in many campaigns and solidarity projects with Palestine that aimed to restore the dignity of deprived communities, stressing that Nagih was a pioneer in The compensation process for Cape Town residents who were evicted from their homes, as he led the District Six Fund for beneficiaries and redevelopment for decades, he said.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the African National Congress, Jesse Duarte, had expressed her condolences, saying that South Africa had lost a community activist and a loyal leader.

Duarte noted that Nagh was part of a “dynasty of struggle heroes” whose principles were not affected in the struggle for social justice, adding that he represented in every way the views of marginalized people in South Africa during the struggle against apartheid in the country and in Palestine.

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