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Appeals to Sisi … Communication sites demand the closure of schools for fear of Corona

Amidst the outbreak of its second wave and the anticipation of the emergence of new strains, the increasing number of people infected with Coronavirus in Egypt prompted activists and parents to demand the closure of schools, fearing for the health of students, which was rejected by the Ministry of Education, questioning the campaign behind those claims.

Activists launched a tag entitled “#Studying_in_Egypt”, which was issued on social networking sites and thousands of tweeters participated in it. Others appealed to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to intervene and take a decision to close schools.

Tweeters said that the increase in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus should prompt the Egyptian government to take urgent measures, on top of which is closing schools where students are overcrowded, which is one of the measures taken by many countries around the world since the outbreak of the pandemic.

To demonstrate the seriousness of the matter, activists circulated statements by a member of the National Committee, Dr. Mohamed El-Nady, a few days ago, during which he revealed that the real number of corona injuries in Egypt is 10 times higher than the one announced.

For its part, the Ministry of Education rejected the demands to close schools, and a source in the ministry said that the hashtags that are on top of the communication sites claiming fear for the health of students are aimed only at disrupting studies and obstructing the wheel of education in Egypt.

The source – who was quoted by the Al-Watan newspaper, which is close to the authority and did not reveal his name – said that the ministry’s decision issued last Sunday to stop officially registering students ’attendance and absence for a period of 3 weeks until the start of the first semester exams confirms that the ministry is keen on the health and safety of all parties to the educational process. He added, “Especially since attendance is now optional and not compulsory, so as not to say that we force students to go to schools in an unhealthy environment.”

He asked, “What is the use of fabricated calls to suspend studies after the absence of absence and optional attendance?”, Adding that suspending the study clearly means that there is neither success nor failure this year, the decision is clear, if some want not to complete the study in Egypt, then this means that the whole academic year is null.

The Egyptian Minister of Education, Tariq Shawky, spoke on television more than once this week, stressing that the majority of students want to complete the studies, and those who say the opposite are a group that wants to stop the education process in Egypt, but without the minister explaining the source of those statistics on which he relied In his speech.


This comes at a time when the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced yesterday, Wednesday, the registration of 911 new infections with the Coronavirus, bringing the total number of infected people to about 128,000, and announcing the death of 42 patients, bringing the total number of deaths among those infected with the virus to 7209 cases.

The increasing increase in the number of injured people prompted the Supreme Council of Universities to restart all 25 university isolation hospitals, with emphasis on the need to allocate quarantine places for children.

The Egyptian government is seeking to provide new vaccines to protect its citizens from the dangers of the outbreak of the virus, and announced its approval of the Chinese vaccine, Sinopharm, with the approval of a committee that includes representatives from the medical services in the armed forces, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Egyptian Drug Authority and the World Health Organization, according to the official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health. Ahmed Mujahid.

However, social media activists are wondering about the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine, even though China itself has contracted with US drug companies to provide the Pfizer vaccine, which is the same thing that the UAE did, which donated quantities of the Chinese vaccine to Egypt.

Source : Egyptian media + Al Jazeera + social networking sites

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