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Apple drops Hong Kong police-tracking app

Apple drops Hong Kong police-tracking app

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  1. So they backed down in the end…the power of China

  2. It’s quite insane and dreadful that it has come to this: one company has an absolute monopoly on what software you can have on your phone—if you’re one of the many simpletons who ended up with an iPhone (like me). It is the best product in its class, but creeping fascism is the exact opposite of the original Apple ethos (sadly which is entirely gone).

  3. I’m okay with posting Hong Kong news here but don’t forget that this is world news not “Hong Kong news”.

    So please don’t spam and keep posting multiple thread of the same thing. I literally saw more than 5 threads of “Apple drops Hong Kong police tracking app”.
    The world is huge. People here have neglected real issues like the Iraq protest happening currently (more than 90 dead), South Sudan starvation, Myanmar massacre, Yemen bombing, Venezuela collapsing and etc.

    And yet all I see is mass spamming of Hong Kong news with the same topic. The world is not only revolving around Hong Kong. Literally millions of people out there really need help from media attention. And there are literally no news about them here!

    Oh great getting downvote for speaking the truth. Somehow People cant take the truth and think that downvoting can make them feel better.

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