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Armenian calls for dialogue on the Karabakh region .. What are the chances of success in light of the continuing clashes?

Armenian Member of Parliament, Tatevik Hayrapitan, denied the presence of Armenian forces in Karabakh region to fight against Azerbaijan, and affirmed that the people of the region are the ones who are fighting the Azerbaijani forces and terrorist groups brought by Turkey.

In statements to the episode (02/10/2020) of the “Beyond the News” program, she added that Russia and France – the two members of the Security Council – have assurances of the existence of armed Islamic groups supported by Turkey fighting alongside the Azeri forces in the Karabakh region.

She added that Armenia is ready for unconditional negotiations, and has repeatedly announced its readiness to negotiate, but at the same time it does not allow the killing of civilians without moving, accusing Turkey of rejecting a ceasefire and working to further aggravate the situation, and the world must realize that this conflict is not on land but is defense. The people of Karabakh province for their rights.

On the other hand, the editor-in-chief of the International Caucasus Magazine, Javid Filev, said that the Security Council adopted 4 decisions in 1993, all of which stated the exit of Armenian forces from Azerbaijani lands, and that the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution in 2008 demanding Armenia to withdraw its forces, and the European Court of Human Rights condemned in 2003. 2015 Armenian Azerbaijani Land Administration.

He added that Armenian officials constantly visit the occupied Azerbaijani lands accompanied by soldiers to discuss strengthening their control over it, and the continued Armenian control exacerbates the suffering of civilians, so Azerbaijan seeks to extend its control over all its lands and return the displaced to their homes.

He added that Armenia’s talk of direct and unconditional dialogue means the continuation of its control over the Azerbaijani lands under occupation without implementing the Security Council resolutions, stressing that his country does not pay any attention to these statements as it does not establish a solution and seeks to evade the implementation of Security Council resolutions.

For his part, political researcher Luay Al-Madhoun said that Azerbaijan and Armenia are not able to fight an open war, and Azerbaijan is seeking, through the military offensive, to change some facts on the ground, to reach the implementation of the Security Council decisions to withdraw the Armenian forces from its lands.

He added that there was a state of escalation that preceded the battles that extended since last July through joint military maneuvers between the Turkish and Azerbaijani armies, and that coincided with the failure of the international group in charge of resolving the conflict to stop the escalation, so it is imperative to internationalize this issue and bring European countries to reach a quick solution. .

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