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Armpits .. 4 signs of health problems

Changes in the armpit area may indicate health problems, so what are these changes? And what does it show?

We emphasize here that these tips are for general guidance, and are not a substitute for visiting and consulting a doctor.

Emily Lawrence wrote in a report on the WellandGood website that armpit health can tell you a lot about your general health, according to the following:

1- Itchy red rash is a sign of eczema

Dermatologist Howard Sobel says that an armpit rash can occur for various reasons, including eczema or “atopic dermatitis”, which is a chronic inflammation of the skin.

The area of ​​eczema is usually red, itchy, and may peel off. If you notice this happening in the armpits, it can also be repeated in other places, such as behind the knees or elbows; In this case, you must see a doctor.

2- The rash is a sign of an allergy

Another cause of the rash, says Dr. Sobel, is irritation from an ingredient in deodorant, fragrance, body lotion, or anything else that comes into direct contact with your armpits. He adds that these types of rashes are similar to eczema (red and itchy), but they usually do not flake off and do not occur anywhere else on the body.

If you changed products that you were using, such as shampoo or deodorant, and then developed a rash in the armpits, this may indicate that there is a substance in the new product that you are using that your body is allergic to.

3- Swelling, itching, and scaling … a sign of a fungal infection

Doctor Lisa Kush says that one is more likely to develop a fungal infection if one’s diet contains a lot of sugar.

Dr. Sobel says that if there is an excessive growth of fungi, swelling, itching and peeling can occur under the arms, and it can be exacerbated in hot weather or with wearing tight clothes, and poor hygiene can also cause the growth of fungi in the body, especially the armpits.

See a doctor to find the cause and treatment of swelling and itching.

4- Change of smell … a sign of dehydration

Dr Kush says that dehydration can cause armpit odor to become stronger or more pungent.

Often times this is associated with excessive sweating during exercise or when the weather is hot, so it is important to supply the body with the water that it lost through sweating.

Koch also adds that the strong smell of the armpits could be due to the shirt that you are wearing, as it may be tight and poorly ventilated, which leads to trapping sweat and odor rather than letting them out.

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