Home / news / Arnold Schwarzenegger says environmental protection is about more than convincing Trump: “It’s not just one person; we have to convince the whole world.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger says environmental protection is about more than convincing Trump: “It’s not just one person; we have to convince the whole world.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger says environmental protection is about more than convincing Trump: “It’s not just one person; we have to convince the whole world.”

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  1. We spend too much time here discussing how dumb people are for not accepting climate change. Has anyone started a scientific study to determine the most effective method to convince climate change deniers that the cause and consequences of climate change are real? Seems like thats what is called for here. Calling them all idiots isnt a great strategy.

  2. People always act like we have to convince Politicians and Billionaires and I think thats just stupid. Those people are not stupid. Most of them are Politicians or Billionaires for a reason. They all know that the climate change is real but they dont want to do anything about it because it will cost them money. Trying to convince them that climate change is real is bullshit, they already know. The only option we truly have is to force them about doing something

  3. 5 minutes browsing this sub today and already 2 opinion pieces that break rules 1, 2 and 4 of this sub….

    This mod posts constant Trump and climate change opinion pieces, is it not obvious at this point that they are purposely pushing the top 2 things that make people the most angry.

    People talk about media stoking pure anger and this is a prime example. OP is clearly paid to post this stuff.

  4. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.newsweek.com/arnold-schwarzenegger-john-kerry-meet-press-trump-climate-change-1474937) reduced by 78%. (I’m a bot)
    > Actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that environmental protection efforts need to be bigger than just focusing on President Donald Trump.

    > When host Chuck Todd asked Schwarzenegger if he tried to convince Trump to change his environmental policies, Schwarzenegger said: "It's not just one person; we have to convince the whole world.”

    > Citing polls from the USC Schwarzenegger Institute, Schwarzenegger stated that focusing more on pollution caused a large jump in numbers of conservatives who were interested in finding solutions.

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  5. The world is convinced, it’s the damned corrupt politicians that point to the trolls and say: *look how many “people” believe it’s fake, so we can’t override the will of the “people”*

    while pocketing money from big oil and other industries

    stop pretending that the shills on the net are not paid

  6. Well, he’s not wrong.

    The problem is that hurling labels and insults doesn’t convince anyone of a damned thing and unfortunately that’s the tactic that the most vocal advocates use on everyone who asks any questions whatsoever. The sad truth is the most active advocates are also the ones doing the most damage to the movement.

  7. More nuclear energy would be a huge step in the right direction.

  8. Yea he cared so much about it, that when he figured out he would lose his custom Harley to the smog laws in Cali he was trying too pass. That he squashed it and didnt let go thru. You all are fucking sheep

  9. At this point it’s about convincing America

  10. The world’s largely convinced, it’s the chucklefucks who actively benefit from ignoring the issue and the pants on head retards that see said fucks as the good guys who need to shut up unless they have a peer reviewed paper in hand and general education to understand it.

  11. As one of the worst global polluters, he should probably convince the USA before you start on the rest of the world.

  12. The world already agrees, Arnold. The wealthy don’t want to hear it.

  13. Thanks for pointing us in that direction Arnold, without your mental prowess we would have never gotten there. /s

  14. Trump will be long dead before the real impact is felt, just annoying that one fuck wit can dictate policies for so many.

  15. The difference between our current state of affairs and every other disruption in the near past is that this time there’s a fight going between the govts, the people and multi-billion dollar companies. Rich people, CEOs and white collars will lose their livelihoods. They have the means to fight back, at the cost of regular workers who provide food and shelter for not only their families, but themselves as well. The governments will gain power because of this, and those “in the know” will call the outsiders retards for not just packing their shit and go to school for ten years in their 40s and 50s.

    If there is supposed to be taxation and regulation and entire industries out of business the people need to be assured that interests are kept for them. Right now, that’s not the case. Pensions are cut throughout western society, and countries like Norway are thinking about cutting back on disability and pay for people out of a job. We’re in a huge pickle, and there are more psychopaths than ever at the top of the food chain.

    We’re toast.

  16. Problem is we may have bigger storms, earlier heat waves, then area’s have snow or hail storms where the hail will kill animals /crops out in the paddocks and this happens in different places, in different countries at different times and no-one Will really Notice what climate change is until it’s to late.

  17. Dear Arnold,
    The whole world already knows. The only ones who are pretending that it’s not happening are the ones who are making money by polluting it.

  18. Nice of you to poll up Arnie. That’s been the thrust of the environmental movement since the 1970s at least…

  19. Yeah, everybody be like “let’s have more green energy, while we keep lightning more, taking more transport, buying more stuff”.

    Climate change has to be tackled by tackling our own consumption of resources, this does much more than convincing people into supporting laws for renewables or recycling.

  20. “We need to be like a Predator of global warming and go Commando. I can’t stand here and be a Kindergarten Cop telling True Lies. If we don’t have Total Recall by the Sixth Day then it may become the End of Days. So let me be the Terminator of climate change and you can be a Terminator Too.”

  21. I mean, we have already convinced most of the world.

    What we have to do now is to convince all of the corporate boards that their share prices will unrecoverably fall if they don’t believe it and take action.

  22. This, coming from a guy who I watched get in to his brand new Rolls Royce a couple of days ago. He’s not wrong for what he’s saying but it’s a bit hypocritical if you’re driving a behemoth like that.

  23. Fucking bullshit.

    What I think or what my plumber thinks about this issue is not important. What is important is decision-makers think. Until those fuckers want to take action, nothing will happen regardless of what the world thinks. At the moment they decide to take action, things will happen regardless of what the world thinks.

  24. No Arnold, just the half dozen rich guys that own most of the world….

  25. You’ll never convince Big Business to forgo those fat disgusting profits in the name of “environmental protection”. They’ll just laugh you right out of their boardrooms.

  26. Yeeeeah the US is not leading that conversation.

  27. It’s not about convincing anyone. Morons with a vested interest in denying reality will not accept any amount or quality of evidence. What we have to do is find ways to circumvent the dumb fucks. Research methods to sequester CO2, and ways to make green energy cheaper and therefore more desirable than fossil fuels. Stop wasting time arguing with idiots.

  28. I don’t think we need to convince the world. I think a wealthy few need to be convinced to not be greedy. Good luck.

  29. Convincing the President of the United States is a pretty big step though.

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