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At the conclusion of the G20 summit … an agreement to coordinate efforts to confront Corona

The G20 summit concluded its 15th session via video, where the final statement confirmed the commitment of the group’s leaders to lead the world towards a strong, sustainable, balanced and comprehensive era, after the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The statement stressed the need to enhance the effectiveness of the World Health Organization in coordinating and supporting the global response to the pandemic.

The statement also reaffirmed the continued political support for the necessary reform of the World Trade Organization, and a repeated commitment to ensuring a stronger global financial safety net through the International Monetary Fund, as well as support for developing and least developed countries, and addressing special challenges in Africa and developing countries.

Saudi Arabia organized the summit through video because of the virus, and officials met at a time when global efforts are intensifying to achieve and distribute vaccines against the emerging corona virus on a large scale, following successful experiments in the recent period.

Despite the concordant language of the final statement, the group – which includes the most powerful economies in the world – did not mention the $ 28 billion that international organizations are demanding to confront an epidemic that has caused the death of more than 1.3 million people in about a year, including the $ 4.5 billion required by these efforts. Urgently.

The G20 summit was held in Saudi Arabia via video link due to the Corona pandemic (Reuters)

General policies

In his closing speech via video, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz stressed the need to adopt public policies that would achieve recovery and reach a strong, sustainable and balanced economy.

He said that preserving the planet is of the utmost importance to his country, and called on the countries of the world to cooperate with the national program for a circular carbon economy that Saudi Arabia will launch, with the aim of addressing climate change, while continuing to develop the economy.

The Saudi king had handed over the presidency of the summit to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who emphasized work to achieve the goals of the G20, strengthen the health system, support economic growth, support women, confront inequality, and protect the environment.

Erdogan: The Corona pandemic has deepened many problems (Reuters)

Problems and interpretation

For his part, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said – in his speech to the G20 summit – that the Corona pandemic has deepened many problems. Foremost among them are poverty and inequality. The Turkish president added that his country is the only NATO member that has faced ISIS head-on in the field.

Regarding the Paris climate agreement, US President Donald Trump said his decision to withdraw from it was dictated by US interests in preserving jobs and protecting workers.

He considered that the Paris Agreement was biased and extremely unfair to his country, and was designed to kill the American economy.

For his part, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman proposed, on Sunday, to hold two G20 summits annually. The first, with actual participation in the middle of the year, and the second with active participation at the end of the year.

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