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Attempts to nullify Biden’s victory … Republicans rally, Pence welcomes and others denounce contempt for American democracy.

US Vice President Mike Pence announced that he “shared with millions of Americans their concern about fraud in the presidential elections,” and welcomed efforts to oppose Congressional ratification, as 11 Republicans in the Senate decided to refuse to ratify, while Republicans and Democrats continue to condemn these stances.

In a statement issued by Mark Short, the vice president’s chief of staff, Pence said he shared millions of Americans’ concerns about fraud and imbalances, which President Donald Trump and his supporters say took place in the presidential election.

Pence also welcomed the efforts made by Republican members of Congress to veto the election results, pursuant to the authority conferred on them by law.

On the other hand, a federal appeals court on Saturday rejected Representative Louis Gomert’s claim, which stated that Pence has the power to nullify Biden’s victory when Congress meets on Wednesday.

This came after a federal judge in Texas rejected the lawsuit, as a panel of 3 judges found that Republican plaintiffs lacked the legal right to file the lawsuit.

Gomert, a close ally of Trump, had filed the lawsuit with Republican members of the Arizona Electoral College, saying that Pence had the power to reject the electoral college votes ex officio in the Senate, but Pence himself rejected the order saying it was inappropriate for this lawsuit.

Prominent Senator Ted Cruz leads the Republicans protesting Biden’s victory (Reuters)

Attempts to nullify the results

Eleven Republican lawmakers led by prominent Senator Ted Cruz issued a joint statement on Saturday saying that the elections – which Republican President Donald Trump lost – witnessed “allegations of fraud” and “illegal behavior.”

In addition to this bloc, there are other numbers of Republicans who intend to file objections during the ratification session, including Senator Josh Hawley.

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn defended her position with a group of Republican lawmakers, and told Fox News that millions of Americans feel that the elections were not fair.

She indicated that she would ask Congress, together with her colleagues, to form a special committee to review the emergency results of the elections in the disputed states.

the other opinion

On the other hand, Democratic Representative in the House of Representatives Tim Ryan accused Republican lawmakers who declared their refusal to believe that they were trying to woo President Trump’s supporters for their political goals.

Speaking to Fox News, Ryan added that whatever they do, their efforts will ultimately fail, because there is no evidence of election fraud.

For his part, Republican Senator Mitt Romney said that the efforts of Republican lawmakers to obstruct the congressional approval of the election results seriously threaten the country, and considered that the power of Congress to reject the election results applies only in the presence of serious and unusual circumstances, which is “not applicable to the current elections.”

Romney added that Trump’s efforts to change the election results failed, as the Justice Department found no evidence of a violation sufficient to reverse the results.

And the Republican senator said that Trump’s call for his supporters to take to the streets of Washington on the day of the inauguration could lead to unrest and “worse.”

Sanders: Trump has shown from the start of the election campaign his deep contempt for (French) democratic institutions

For his part, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders said in a statement that Republicans’ attempts to cancel the election results only show their contempt for the voters, democracy and the will of the American people, adding that Biden will be president at noon this January, and that the Republican efforts will not lead to any results.

Sanders stressed that the presidential election result is not in doubt, and Congress will ratify it, as it has happened for 231 years.

Sanders, who was a former presidential candidate, also said that Republicans were engaged in a constitutionally doomed effort to overturn the will of the electorate, accusing Trump of having shown from the start of the campaign a deep disdain for democratic institutions.

Sanders considered it pathetic that 13 Republican representatives in the Senate and 140 Republicans in the House of Representatives show similar disdain for the people, he said.

Sanders noted that more than 80 judges, some of them appointed by Trump, have rejected attempts by the president and his allies to overturn the election results.

As for Biden’s campaign, it considered that the statement issued by Republican lawmakers represents “a play that is not supported by any evidence.”

Campaign spokesman Michael Gwen said, “This trick will not change the reality, which is that President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20, and the attorney general appointed by Trump and dozens of courts and election officials from both parties have rejected these baseless allegations.”

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