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Australia appears to be beating coronavirus – less than 100 new cases as daily rates of infection continue to drop

Australia appears to be beating coronavirus – less than 100 new cases as daily rates of infection continue to drop

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  1. Probably should wait a solid 10 days after the long weekend before we get too excited. Plenty of dip shits out there to fuck it up over the 4 days.

  2. Singapore is back to exponential growth. Dont get complacent guys

  3. The state of Victoria puts new arrivals into actual hotels (force them) and they have to stay there for a few days (I believe 14 days) to prevent the spreading of coronavirus from people who arrived from other countries. So far, its working well. My aunt is inside one of these hotels.

  4. I had to put my sick 85 year mother into Gosford hospital today. 2 hours later my sister-in-law told me there was a cluster outbreak at the hospital and when I got home it was on the news that 12 staff and patients were found to have the virus. I’m scared shitless, the next few days are going to be scary…

  5. It’s going to work until a few tourists arrive and then this will all start again. Unfortunately, it means the borders need to stay shut for many months yet, and people will need to be quarantined upon arriving/return from OS for months after the borders do reopen.

  6. I don’t think anyone’s beating the virus until there’s a vaccine. As an Aussie I’m happy that we appear to be flattening the curve but there are still many infections and deaths. That’s not beating anything.

  7. I have made a website to visualise the spread of Covid-19 in NSW. You can view the website [here.](http://gnarly.dog)

  8. Are Australians properly testing for community transmission? Last I heard the testing requirements were really specific to having been abroad or essentially in contact with a confirmed case?

  9. Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world with universal healthcare. Doing mass testing with a very high rate per capita and now starting to target everyone with symptoms. Borders were shut to all but citizens/permanent residents and all new arrivals go into mandatory quarantine in hotels for 14 days. Interstate borders have been semi-closed. The Federal and State governments formed a National Cabinet to try to coordinate the response. We also had a pandemic plan in place prior and large Federal stockpiles of supplies in warehouses for pandemics. Being an island also helps.

  10. Let’s set the example and try to continue to be on edge even after we are safe till it’s fully rid of world wide

  11. They told the virus to PISS OFF

  12. We’re an island, just as South Korea effectively is, which simplifies things. Still, the amount the government is spending to maintain people during the lock-down is going to take many years to pay off.

  13. Arw we really suprised “australia is beating coronavirus”? Its like the least scary thing there!

  14. My question is, what’s the long term plan? Cuz social distancing is working, but can countries keep this up for months, or even years, or is it just going to be a yo-yo of isolation measures until (if) there is a vaccine?

  15. Whodathunkit that locking everything down would work?

  16. Business will pressure for a return to work , and Morrison has only committed to six months lockdown.

    Small business in particular will be already howling.

    An early return could unleash a second , larger scale wave of infections.

  17. I see plenty of stupid cunts packing their SUVs to go on holiday. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. The authorities also did a check on 90 people who were supposed to be quarantining and only found like 45. Stay home you fried cunts.

  18. Don’t worry world, American government’s incompetence along with religious fundamentalists will keep it circulating for years

  19. With the 6th lowest population density of any country, I’d say that social distancing is their default state.

    (Yes, yes, I know they cluster)

  20. Shut the fuck up. Say it worse. Millions dying. The f wits down here outnumber us 3-1.

    Stay the fuck home.

  21. Good luck getting a test here…
    Guys wife was positive, they refused to test husband till he showed symptoms. He didn’t… So he is Corona clear..

  22. This could actually lead to a problem, you can’t really eliminate it from the population, and it most certainly will continue to circulate internationally, so if you quash it too fast it can re-emerge.

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