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Australia urged to stop selling weapons to countries accused of war crimes – It’s unthinkable Australia sells arms to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 5 million people have been forced to flee, human rights groups say

Australia urged to stop selling weapons to countries accused of war crimes – It’s unthinkable Australia sells arms to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 5 million people have been forced to flee, human rights groups say

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  1. How else is Australia meant to afford the subsidies they offer water bottling companies?

  2. There’s something rotten in the state of Australia

  3. Government which prides itself on gun control, yet happily sells them to other corrupt governments. The hypocrisy in my country is incredible really.

  4. As an Australian, I had no idea we sold weapons to anyone, we cant realistically defend ourselves.

  5. Juicemedia from 2018 covered this:

    [Honest Government Ad | Aussie Arms Industry – youtube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhfqQzMVJxI)

  6. I feel like Australians don’t really have much room to talk shit on Americans anymore.

  7. Why do they assume Australia cares about human rights? Have you seen our detention centers?

  8. Read the article. Went on the Defence FOI page and looked for the documents specifically.

    **This one is for Saudi and UAE There are a few for the UAE**


    **The document states**

    This export permit is granted in accordance with Regulation 13E of the Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulations 1958.

    **Which says**


    (1A)  The Minister for Defence may authorise in writing:

                         (a)  a person employed in the Department of Defence; or

                         (b)  for goods listed in Part 1 of the defence and strategic goods list—an Officer of Customs;

    to grant a licence or permission to export from Australia goods listed in the defence and strategic goods list

    **Which is**


    Part 1

    For military goods, software or technology refer to Part 1 – Munitions List (ML). You should refer to sections within the ML to establish all the relevant controls, i.e. goods, software and technology:

    * Refer to sections ML1 to ML 20 for controls on military goods (or munitions).
    * Refer to ML901 to ML910 for controls on civilian firearms and explosive equipment.
    * Refer to ML21 for controls on software related to military goods.
    * Refer to ML22 for controls on technology related to military goods.

    #### Part 2

    For dual-use goods, equipment, software or technology refer to Part 2 – Dual-Use List. Part 2 of the DSGL is further split into categories:

    * Category 0 – Nuclear Materials
    * Category 1 – Materials, Chemical, Micro-organisms and Toxins
    * Category 2 – Materials Processing
    * Category 3 – Electronics
    * Category 4 – Computers
    * Category 5 – Telecommunications and Information Security
    * Category 6 – Sensors and Lasers
    * Category 7 – Navigation and Avionics
    * Category 8 – Marine
    * Category 9 – Aerospace and Propulsion

    **What I did find in this one is a request by the UAE to export arms that they bought into Australia for the purpose of a shooting competition. There is another mention of a temporary export of demonstration purposes.**


    **It also says something about a ministerial submission, I wonder if that can be FOI’d. I cannot find a database. But I would imagine that would be big ticket stuff.**

    I cannot find the DRC FOI information so I cannot figure out where they got that from. I would like to see it though. There are a lot of items on that control list, it could be anything. I don’t think all of these are weapon export permits. From what I gather they may be weapons, but they may be other items also. It also appears that when a foreign military brings its gear in, it has to apply for a permit to take it out.

    I am not saying Australia isn’t exporting weapons but I think some of this article may be misleading. I do know that Lithgow Arms is trying to bite into the military orientated rifle export market so we do know that Australia is perusing arms exports.


    Interesting article, but they should dig a bit deeper and provide some references to their information (I know it is just a newspaper but still). I really want to see the DRC document if anyone finds it could they please post a link. Also I encourage anyone who is interested to sniff around FOI databases, they are quite interesting and sometimes you will learn things that are not common knowledge.

  9. The right wing in Australia is greatly emboldened by Rupert Murdoch and his systemic misinformation. He’s done Australia and the world a massive disservice

  10. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jan/15/australia-urged-to-stop-selling-weapons-to-countries-accused-of-war-crimes) reduced by 90%. (I’m a bot)
    > Human rights groups say it is "Unthinkable" that Australia has been secretly exporting arms to the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries whose militaries have been consistently accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    > "The fact we weren't previously aware that Australia was exporting weapons to the DRC says it all really," Ronalds told the Guardian.

    > Phil Lynch, the director of International Service for Human Rights, said it was difficult to imagine how weapons sold by Australia to countries responsible for widespread and systematic human rights violations could not in any way contribute to those abuses.

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  11. Well I’m looking at the photo of a bunch guys carrying AK47’s not missiles, again I ask for facts. what are we selling them, how many etc. the article is just sensationalism with zero facts. It implied Australia is somehow a major supplier in a war.

  12. Why would anyone need to mention to a democratic dully elected republic representative that it is good idea to NOT support terroristic organizations or their regimes? How do they not know that?

  13. Could be worse. They could be selling weapons to the fires on their land.

  14. It’s not unthinkable: It’s completely necessary for capitalism to continue. It’s the credo of capitalism. The only thing unthinkable to capitalism is NOT selling those weapons.

  15. Hands up any other Australians who knew we were selling weapons to the fucking Congolese government? I certainly didn’t.

  16. Like america has the right to judge other countries for selling weapons lmao. How much does anyone want to bet that if Australia stops selling weapons to Congo, the US will start selling weapons to Congo

  17. Then why the fuck are we allowed to sell arms to the middle east? Fucking hypocrisy.

  18. Name a country not accused of war crimes…

  19. I see no problem. Australia is on fire and they sell their ground water to china so they can buy it back at x50 the cost. So, if they sell weapons to what are essentially white terrorists, what is your problem?

    That place has been ripe for arms sales since the 1950s.

    I just think with current ***climate death*** that Australia may have enough on its plate unless they are using the plate to avoid the discussion.

  20. It would only be fair then if they took in refugees.

  21. That article has a seriously limited amount of information.

    What did we sell? How many? To who? And most importantly why? All unanswered in the article.

  22. Does anyone else just sit back and wonder how the fuck our country went so wrong. We used to sit back and go well we have decent healthcare, gun laws, we help out third world countries we arnt complete cunts…… And now, we seem to be hitting it out of the park with some of the shittiest practices out there. I really wish there was a way to make a difference because voting doesn’t seem to be working

  23. What weapons are we selling them? Australia doesn’t make any weapons, so what, are we buying them and then selling them to the Congo? Man some fucking facts would be good in the news.

  24. But god forbid a law-abiding Australian citizen can buy a semiautomatic rifle.

  25. Meatpies can be dangerous but you sure they are an actual weapon?

  26. Well the consumer and electronic companies bare the some of the blame. We need what they have and keeping the place fragmented and violent keeps shit cheap. No different then the policy and practice of blood diamonds.

  27. Canada has left the chat

  28. This country will sell anything it can to the highest bidder. This also includes mining and exporting Uranium to India, a country that has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

    You really thing my leader cares? He fucked off to Hawaii when we had the worst bushfires ever, and then he came back just to say how much he wanted to watch the cricket.


  29. Look, that climate change denial isn’t going to fund itself. We are losing a war to the young people who can think for themselves. We MUST get more money and if a few foreign heads get broken, so be it. The ends justify the means. /s

  30. This is the first I hear about 5 million Congolese having to flee and the government accused of war crimes.

    I thought it was rebel groups fighting each other and some tribal genocide, but not government related.

  31. Why do we even trade at all with places like that we should not allow any trade at all other than food in

  32. I don’t think Australia cares about where the weapons it sells end up, and as long as no one asks to come to our country Australia does not care about refugees.

  33. I thought their government was full of peaceful religious types.. oh the hypocrisy. So they are really just a bunch of greedy fuckwits.

  34. Australia, like others especially the UK just want to make money and don’t give a fuck about consequences.

  35. Will somebody think of Australia’s ability to pay their Chinese Overlords. Australia needs the $$$. QQ.

  36. Yes we can fuel and sell weapons to anyone hmmm

  37. Mr. Incredible: MONEY IS MONEY!

  38. And I used to think Australia would be a cool place to move to.

    That was before I heard of how batshit insanely backwards their government was.

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