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Australian soldiers drank alcohol on a prosthetic leg of a Taliban slain

Guardian Australia reported that Australian soldiers consumed alcohol on the prosthetic leg of a Taliban killed during the international coalition operations in Afghanistan.

The newspaper stated in a report that the aforementioned incident occurred in 2009 during the participation of an Australian military unit in a security operation for the international coalition led by the United States of America in the Afghan state of Uruzkan.

The newspaper published pictures of Australian soldiers drinking alcohol on a prosthetic leg believed to be belonging to one of the Taliban dead in the operation, while another photo shows two Australian soldiers taking a picture with the leg while they are drunk.

The disclosure of this scandal comes after the publication of a report prepared by the Inspector General of the Australian Defense Forces, which stated that Australian Special Forces officers forced soldiers to kill a number of Afghan prisoners to get used to seeing blood.

The report indicated that there were 39 unlawful murders of persons at the hands of or involvement in the Australian Special Forces, most of whom were from the Special Air Service.

It is noteworthy that between 2005 and 2016 more than 26,000 Australians served in Afghanistan – including 3,000 in the special operations mission group – as part of the US-led international coalition.

Last Friday, the Australian Army Commander announced that 13 Special Forces soldiers had been informed that they were facing dismissal from service, after the issuance of a report that concluded unlawful killings in Afghanistan.

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