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Australians ‘may become climate refugees’ as global temperatures soar: US expert

Australians ‘may become climate refugees’ as global temperatures soar: US expert

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  1. “conceivable that much of Australia simply becomes too hot and dry for human habitation”

    That’s Australia on a good day and it’s why 90% of the population lives in the green bits around the edges. What he means is *much more* of Australia will become uninhabitable.

  2. Omg… its going to turn into a mad max theme park

  3. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.sbs.com.au/news/australians-may-become-climate-refugees-as-global-temperatures-soar-us-expert) reduced by 77%. (I’m a bot)
    > As global temperatures soar, Australia could become so hot and dry that the country's residents could become climate refugees, US climatologist and geophysicist Michael Mann says.

    > Climate refugees, or environmental migrants, are people forced to abandon their homes due to change in climate patterns or extreme weather events.

    > Climate change has led to an increase in the frequency and severity of what scientists call "Fire weather" – periods with a high fire risk due to some combination of higher temperatures, low humidity, low rainfall and strong winds, the review found.

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  4. I think the US has enough “Outback Stakehouses” to shelter them.

  5. Now will they be treated the same as how they treated refugees coming to their country?

  6. Don’t the Australians have off-shore prison camps for the refugees to go to?

  7. Some climate models predict northern and western Australian coastal regions some of the few places able to sustain food-belts in a worst case scenario.

  8. There’s a lot of Aussie hate in this thread, and people are right – we did elect a government of climate change deniers and our country treats refugees horribly. Just keep in mind that 48.47% of our country did NOT vote for the current government and there are plenty of us outraged by climate change inaction and the treatment of refugees.

  9. But climate change is a myth, according to how Austalians themselves voted.

  10. Next, the rest of the planet. But there is no where else to go. r/Sapienism

  11. Just keep them out of the borders like they do with refugees that want to enter Australie. /s

  12. Lets not. The Australians can stay there until they get their priorities straighten out. They have to acknowledge and lower their own emissions for me to accept them as refugees. Their coal use has to go completely away and until it does they can stay in the heat.

  13. Australia has a history of droughts and bush fires. I have lived there and been to absolutely every area. The most well known of these are the Federation drought (1895-1903), the World War II drought (1939-45), and the recent Millennium drought (1997-2009). All three droughts were devastating to agriculture and the broader economy.

    As far as major wildfires, they too predate the Industrial Revolution. There was the 1850-1851 Black Thursday bush fires of February 6th, 1851 in Victoria. That event resulted in burning the second largest area (approximately 5,000,000 hectares (12,000,000 acres)) in European-recorded history. That fire killed 12 people, but more than one million sheep and thousands of cattle. The current wildfire has reached 4.9 million hectares in NSW. Again, this is not something that is totally unknown or unprecedented. They do run the risk of making a new record high, but that does not prove that CO2 is the cause.

    There was also the 1897-1898 Red Tuesday bush fire of February 1st, 1898 in Victoria. That engulfed 260,000 hectares (640,000 acres) and some 2000 buildings were destroyed.

    I guess none of these facts fit your narrative.

  14. And yet we still have half the population trying to get mass immigration to flood into Australia, absolute disaster all around.

  15. The irony is that our senior citizens and rural communities who vote for the racist climate change denying parties are the ones who will suffer the most due to their policies. It’s the ultimate vote against self-interest.

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