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Awaiting their last debate … Trump and Biden head to swing states in a crucial election week

President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, are competing to attract voters for swing states that will decide the fate of the US presidential election, while the electoral rivalry between their campaigns grows fierce 16 days before the crucial vote.

Trump will tour several states from Nevada to California and then to Nevada again, on a day of election rallies and fundraising events.

In contrast, Biden, who drew a more conservative itinerary due to concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic, lands in North Carolina for an event in Durham, before a hypothetical meeting with religious leaders of African descent.

The two candidates – who each went to church on Sunday morning – seek to stimulate their political bases and appeal to undecided in an election that might be decided by voter turnout.

After their second debate was replaced by a television confrontation, each of them met separately with a group of voters in two town hall meetings that were broadcast on two separate television networks. The final third debate will take place face to face, with topics including “race in America”, “climate change” and “fighting Covid-19”, which will ensure a heated meeting.

Polls show Biden’s lead (Getty Images)


Opinion polls in their entirety show Trump lagging behind his Democratic rival, and besides that, the vast majority of voters do not agree with Trump’s indiscriminate handling of the Corona epidemic, which is what Biden exploited and made it a major topic of discussion, and promised to secure what he calls a more sober and less politicized leadership for the country.

And in the most recent poll by Investors Business Daily and the Techno Metric Policy Institute, it appeared that Trump had narrowed the gap with Biden.

The poll stated that the two candidates are only 5 points separated at the national level, indicating that 49.5% of those polled said they would vote for Biden, compared to 44.5% for Trump.

Trump is refusing to acknowledge his poor performance in the polls, while Biden supporters have also expressed concern about an overconfidence in the election that could be decided by a narrow winning margin in one state such as Florida.

Analysts said Trump should focus on America’s economic prospects, which he sees as his strength.

So far, more than 25 million Americans have cast their votes in an unprecedented early vote, in light of fears of large numbers of voters from direct voting in the midst of the emerging Corona virus crisis.

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