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Away from phones .. 10 game ideas to keep your child busy for hours

Mothers wonder why their children get bored so quickly from playing with dolls, cars, and electronic devices, the answer is that they are not creative toys in themselves; A creative mother is one who seeks to accomplish her work and household tasks while keeping her child busy for long hours without fidgeting, and without straining his eyes from staring at screens.

And to be a creative mom with her own time with a child running around the house safely, you need to put in a little effort at the beginning to create games that keep him busy for long periods, not only that; Rather, you will improve his mental and physical capabilities with a little help, just look at him every now and then to make sure he is safe.

1- Create a wall for him

Many parents are surprised that their children draw on the sheets and chairs in the guest room, and engrave with pens on the walls, and then look for solutions to hide these crimes; But what if we took advantage of their passion and desire to release the artist within them?

You can customize a wall for your child, with a large area and a length of fit without obstacles in that area for drawing. You can paint that wall with a paint that is easy to wipe off, or choose a type of color that can be removed, or stick paper on that space, and let it play for hours, while encouraging it and celebrating its development.

2- A paragraph of washing games

You can fill a large plastic bowl or bathtub with an amount appropriate to your child’s height, and shut off the water throughout the playing period, if your child is relatively young, then throw his toys from cars, dolls, plastic animals, balls, etc., with the exclusion of toys with electronic parts.

Let your child clean his toys, provide towels to dry them, and create a place to arrange them.

3- A carpet and a map

If you specialize in a play rug, you can design roads on it with your child, stick a map on it, tracks for trains and planes, or draw tracks on the floor with duct tape, and you will find dozens of games, which your child will create.

Place the rug in a play area, with cars, trucks, dolls and animals, and let your child distribute them and create their own stories to transport them.

4- The Games Tent

Do you remember those homes we made when we were young from the sheets fastened to bases and hid inside? These are the most fun games for children, as they will not hesitate to play any game that provides them with building a special secret base.

Help your child design his tent or castle, fill it with many toys needed to design his own town, provide him with healthy snacks throughout the day, and pillows that make him comfortable while playing.

Encourage your child’s talent by dedicating a wide and safe space for drawing (Getty Images)

5- Learn acting

Make a list of videos for your child of children his age acting in plays, singing, or disguising, and arranging them, then adjust the volume of the device so that it does not disturb you while performing your tasks.

Show him how to move between the videos, provide him with fancy clothes such as glasses, hats and brides to play auxiliary roles, and ask him to master it until you pick up a video for him and publish it, or do what he teaches in front of parents.

6- Making animation

Make a sketchbook or some large cardboard for it and stick it on the wall, along with colored pencils and chalk. Ask him to create his own animations, from good and evil story and heroes, and come back to you after he finishes telling you the story of the hero. You can use these toys to teach him the principles of the art of drawing and simple story like those found in children’s stories.

7- Important tasks

Give your child a task, and make him feel that it is important to you, him and other people he loves, such as drawing a picture for his father, or designing a gift for the grandmother or one of his friends instead of buying one. He can also be instructed on how to recycle used paper with a paper-kneading bowl and glue, and shape it into balls to play with, or make a model of his favorite hero.

If a child feels the importance of what he is doing, he will not complain about working on his task independently.

8- Searching for treasure

Design a plan to hide something somewhere in the house, and give it a guide drawn or written with vocabulary that he understands, such as the first letter of that thing, its color, and what it is used for, and let him run around the house to find the thing.

Do not be afraid of him, a game that he loves so much that he does not beg you to help him; Rather, make it an anonymous reward for him, such as a piece of candy or a coin that he collects to buy a new game, or a card with which he can determine his dinner plate that night, thus building his physical and mental flexibility.

Children love to spend time kneading bread or biscuit mixture, which is a good opportunity to take advantage of their talent and reduce their mobility (Getty Images)

9- Household tasks

After a certain age, kitchen games for children become pointless since it is not real cooking. Here you can do your usual homework tasks, and your child in a safe corner of the kitchen kneads batter to make dinner cake, or rolls out dough to make bread, or forms biscuits. Whatever your work requires from the time you let him do it and finish it.

You can also use his energy to clean and polish the walls, windows and shelves of the refrigerator, by giving him a colored cloth and a bottle of diluted soap with a beautiful aromatic scent, and letting him clean what he can reach, with expressions of encouragement and thanks, without interruption or annoyance of any mistake he makes.

10- Ideas Box

Sit with your child and ask him about his favorite toys, and the ideas he prefers to spend his time, and record all his ideas – not dangerous – and put them in a box with all the available ideas and games in the house, and implement plans for him that you share in designing, such as those previous ideas, and collect all of that, and give it This box whenever you want to accomplish your tasks, and read the list of his ideas every time you finish your tricks, if the game is from his idea, he will be very excited about it.

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